29. Aug, 2005 14:12 (HKT)

Shipping today: Pac'n Roll DS (NDS™ US), Famitsu Wave DVD and Arcadia Magazine (October 2005 issues) and Naruto Premium Heroines Part 2 (toys)

From the publisher: The evil Ghost Golvis turns Pac-Man into a sphere and you need to help him save his friends and family.

Castle Pac is celebrating the large crop of power pellets gathered, when the Harvest Festival is suddenly disturbed by a UFO that emits a Ghost Beam, turning Pac-Land into Ghost-Land. Suddenly attacked by the large monster Golvis, Pac-Master chomps on a power pellet and initiates attack - but while the other ghosts run blue, Golvis remains calm, laughing. Then from his guitar comes a Ghost Light that turns all Pac's into spheres!

Now with the help of a little Fairy, Crystal, Pac-Man must save his family and girlfriend from the evil Golvis and Ghosts. You are Pac-Man, controlling his every rolling move with the Nintendo DS stylus. Go forward, turn, dash, make a sharp stop; you can control Pac-Man any way you want. With intuitive controls and a twist on the classic Pac-Man franchise, this is a must have for your NDS game collection.

Namco's Pac'n Roll DS for Nintendo DS™ is in stock today available as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

Product features:
  • Play with Pac-Man like a track ball and use your stylus to control his every movement.
  • Explore stages in various worlds from Castle Pac to the Gyro-Jungle and Ghost Land.
  • Power-up with items from a feather hat to armor.
  • Includes original Pac-Man arcade classic.

Further new arrivals in stock today:

Naruto Premium Heroines Part 2 US$ 7.90 sold
Famitsu Wave DVD [October 2005]JPN US$ 16.50 sold
Arcadia Magazine [October 2005]JPN US$ 12.90 sold
Face Guard Portable US$ 14.90 sold


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