29. Aug, 2006 14:37 (HKT)

Shipping today: Phantasy Star Universe (PS2™/PC), Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins (English), Kamiwaza, LocoRoco no Uta, Overground Edition 1.04 & more

From the publisher: The long awaited new title in the beloved Phantasy Star series is on its way! Phantasy Star Universe delivers a rich, ever evolving world and will provide hours of entertainment to both online and offline RPG enthusiasts. Single-player fans will embark on an offline quest as Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet intent on saving his sister from an invasion of mysterious life forces called THE SEED. While online players will create their own characters from a range of races, and then set off to explore all three planets in the Gurhal solar system. Fans will travel with a squad of other adventurers, enter urban sprawls teeming with hundreds of other players, and build their avatars into powerful warriors.

Phantasy Star Universe is in stock today, available for PS2™ and PC. Also in stock is the Hori Phantasy Star Universe Memory Card 8MB. Expected to be in stock later this week are the Segadirect Deluxe Packs and the USB Wireless Keyboard. A Soundtrack album is on preorder to ship September 13th.

Game features:
  • Three enormous planets to explore. A gigantic overworld and more than 20 enormous dungeons are featured.
  • All-new ene mies to fight. Along with a brand-new roster of standard opponents, there are more than 15 major bosses to challenge.
  • Player-controlled vehicles. Players no longer need to travel everywhere by foot, adding a new dimension to exploration.
  • The best online Phantasy Star experience to date. Features a game world that will evolve with new content over the course of several years.

From the publisher: In Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, Arthur's heroic battle with the underworld was finally over and the entrance to the realm was sealed. So he thought. Time passes and unknowing to mankind, the dark lord has awaken from his slumber and kidnaps the princess in an effort to conquer the human world. Arthur must set off for the evil forest, the gateway to the underworld, to save the princess from imminent doom and keep the devil as well as his minions at bay. The excitement and intensity of the forerunner continues as our armored hero takes on this new challenge for the sake of humanity.

With the use of a 3D graphics engine, the Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins world comes alive as effects, cutscenes, backgrounds and animations are given more depth and richer detail. Retaining the classic design of the series, several new facets have been created including a broader range of motion and control techniques. Now our hero has the capability to dash, double-jump, shoot up or down in a vertical fashion, grab onto ledges, etc. A new leveling system allows gamers to build up Arthur's skills for more powerful magic abilities and attacks. With the addition of extra lives, death doesn't mean starting from a check point but rematerializing where they left off. Also new to the series is the inclusion of three difficulty modes that will suit every experience level: Novice, Standard and Ultimate. With the introduction of these all-new settings, a wide range of players can now fully enjoy Arthur's daring and unique world.

No longer just a linear experience, Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins has plenty of branching sub-missions that will encourage players to explore their surroundings for a more open-ended experience. Gamers can save their progress along the way and revisit cleared stages at anytime to expose unexplored paths, concealed items or weapons to help conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

An English language Asia version release of Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins for PSP™ is in stock today, available at US$ 39.90 only.

Further new game releases from today:

Bubble Bobble: Magical Tower DaisakusenASIA N/A sold
KamiwazaJPN US$ 75.99 1w
Valhalla KnightsASIA N/A sold

Soundtracks, Video Game related DVDs and Magazines in stock today:

Arcadia Magazine [October 2006]JPN N/A sold
Famitsu Wave DVD [October 2006]JPN N/A sold
LocoRoco no UtaJPN N/A sold
Teranoid Overground Edition 1.04JPN US$ 24.90 5-15d
Togeki '06 Super Battle DVD Vol.3JPN N/A sold
Togeki '06 Super Battle DVD Vol.4JPN N/A sold


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