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Shipping today: Ryu ga Gotoku 2(aka. Yakuza 2), Kirby: Squeak Squad (NDS™), Yggdra Union (GBA™) and Hori Leather Cover DS Lite

Ryu ga Gotoku 2 (aka. Yakuza 2 outside of Japan) is set one year after the original and takes place in Kamurocho, Osaka and other places in Japan. The sequel begins with an assassination which prompts Kazuma to head south. The game's heroine is Kaoru Sayama, a police officer who's known as the Yakuza Hunter. Her purpose in making contact with Kazuma is currently unknown. Kazuma will also meet up with an Osaka rival, Ryuji Koda, known as the Dragon of the Kansai area.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the battle system is the ability to direct your attacks in whatever direction you like. In the original, battles became difficult when you were surrounded by enemies. The sequel lets you select the direction of your next attack, allowing you to finish off an attack in one direction, then begin pounding an opponent behind you.

Sega's Yakuza action adventure Ryu ga Gotoku 2 for PlayStation2™ is in stock today, shipping at US$ 64.90 only. Also make sure to check out the prequel Ryu ga Gotoku (available as budget edition), the Japanese DVD movie release Ryu ga Gotoku - Prologue and last but not least BradyGames' Yakuza Official Strategy Guide.

From the publisher: Who Stole Kirby's Shortcake?

Float, jump and battle through eight huge worlds as Kirby takes control on a diabolical band of rodent robbers called the Squeaks!

You can expect all the floating, jumping and battling of a classic Kirby game, but this time, Kirby’s copy abilities have been massively boosted. Not only can you mix and match copy abilities by using the stylus to drag them together inside Kirby's belly (located on the touch screen), but the powers themselves now have the ability to affect the environment, as well as foes. For example, you can burn trees and grasses with the Fire ability, or freeze water with the Ice ability.

In sub-game mode, Kirby: Squeak Squad also features multiplayer fun for up to four players, using either Multi-Card or DS Download Play over DS Local Area Network.

Kirby: Squeak Squad for Nintendo DS™ is shipping today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

Game features:
  • Mix, match and make new abilities and items using the touch screen.
  • Over 25 upgradeable abilities, including new ones like Animal, Bubble and more.
  • Change the world! Use Kirby's abilities to burn grass, freeze water, and alter the environment.
  • Play multiplayer sub-games over local wireless!

From the publisher: Ruled by a royal family said to be descendants of the gods themselves, Fantasinia is a prosperous and peaceful land -- until the peace is shattered by the invading forces of the Empire of Bronkia.

Led by the young emperor Gulcasa, who seized control of the Empire in a brutal coup d’etat, Bronkia’s Imperial Army cuts a bloody swath through the people of Fantasinia and the Royal Armies of King Ordeene.

Amidst the chaos, a young woman escapes from the besieged capital of Partina -- a woman with innocence in her face, and a sword in her hand.

The girl's name is Princess Yggdra, the last surviving member of the royal family; the sword is the Gran Centurio, a legendary blade once wielded by the founder of Fantasinia, and passed down through generations of royalty.

Fleeing to to a remote valley at the southern tip of the continent, Yggdra meets up with Milanor, the charismatic leader of a band of thieves, and readies herself for a war of liberation...

Developed by Sting and published by Atlus in the US, the Gameboy Advance™ RPG Yggdra Union is shipping today at US$ 39.90 only. Also make sure to check out the Yggdra Union Audio Collection Plus.

Game features:
  • Strategic gameplay in which decks of “Tactical Cards” are used to determine battlefield movement, special attacks, and more!
  • Character design by manga artist Satoko Kiyuzuki and card design by Sunaho Tobe, character designer of “Riviera: The Promised Land”!
  • Over 30 attack, defense, and support skills!
  • Join forces with other allies to form an unbeatable Union!

Also in stock today:

Leather Cover DS Lite (beige) N/A sold
Leather Cover DS Lite (black) N/A sold
Leather Cover DS Lite (dark brown) N/A sold


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