10. Mar, 2006 16:52 (HKT)

Shipping today: Shadow Hearts: From The New World (PS2™/US) INH DVD Series (incl. The Secret Lover Mushihimesama), DS Vibration Cartridge, Sakura Taisen 1&2 and Tokimeki Memorial Ltd. Editions, Water Game DS & more

From the publisher: The story begins as Johnny Garland, a young 16 year-old detective who lost his father, sister, and some of his memories in an accident, accepts an investigation to track down a criminal suspect who has jumped bail. As he closes in on the suspect, Johnny witnesses a supernatural occurrence – a huge monster appears from a green light known as a “Window” and swallows up the criminal.

Apparently, a series of horrific incidents similar to this have been plaguing cities across the nation. Johnny’s female counterpart is 21 year-old bounty hunter Shania, a Native American who is searching for these mysterious Windows, determined to close them using her spiritual powers. Together, they travel across North and South America and are joined by a colorful cast of characters.

Originally developed by Aruze and published by Xseed Games in the US, Shadow Hearts: From The New World for PlayStation2™ is shipping today at US$ 49.90 only. The game is also still available as Starter Pack (Japanese/discounted US$ 34.90) and Limited Deluxe Pack (Japanese/US$ 129). The Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtracks is priced at US$ 31.90.

Game features:
  • Series trademark Judgement Ring battle system makes a return with improvements - "Stock System" allowing players the option of executing a "Combo" command with a second character or "Double" command enabling a character to perform two different actions in one turn.
  • A completely new story and set of new characters will make the title easily accessible to newcomers of the series with its uniqure style and sense of humor.
  • A case of well-drawn, entertianing characters with distinct personalities and reappearances by a few of the series' favorites.
  • Experience a higher level of realism with easy to navigate, visually stunning backgrounds, special lighting and illumination effects.
  • Huge production values with dramatic events unfolding through high-quality graphics, CG cut-scenes, sound effects and voice-overs.

Expanding our product catalog once more, Play-Asia is now happy to carry INH's Insanity DVD series. Just like the good old Ikaruga Appreciate DVD, each Insanity DVD release contains perfect plays and in depth coverage, along with lots of bonus material and bonus soundtrack CDs. Targeted to hardcore gamers and fans, we have now stocked up the following INH releases. Apart from the Hyper Street Fighter one, all DVDs are region free, suitable to play on any common DVD player:

Insanity DVD: The Secret Lover Mushihimesama [DVD+CD]JPN N/A sold
Insanity DVD: The Second Apocalypse Ketsui - Kizuna Jigoku Tachi [DVD+CD]JPN N/A sold
Insanity DVD: The Great Grapple Fighter's History Dynamite [DVD+CD]JPN N/A sold
Insanity DVD: The Starting over Hyper Street Fighter II [DVD+CD]JPN N/A sold
Insanity DVD: The Onslaught Raiden Fighters [2DVD + 2CD]JPN N/A sold
Insanity DVD: The Madness of Battle Garegga [DVD+CD]JPN N/A sold

Additionally, the following two upcoming DVD releases are now on preorder:

Insanity DVD: The Shooting Love XII Stag & Trizeal [DVD+CD]JPN N/A
Insanity DVD: The Aces High Raiden [2DVD+2CD]JPN N/A

Also in stock is the following INH soundtrack release:

Raiden I&II Soundtrack BoxJPN N/A sold

Back in the Nintendo64™ or Dreamcast™ times, video game hardware manufacturers did not ship their gaming controllers with standard vibration function, but released separate hardware addons, such as the Nintendo64™ Jolt Pack or Dreamcast™ Puru Puru Pack.

Nintendo has now reinvented this accessory for their Nintendo DS™ system. Attached to your Nintendo DS™ (or Nintendo DS™ Lite) handheld, the DS Vibration Cartridge provides vibration for a number of supported games. The number of titles supporting this accessory isn't very long so far but hopefully going to grow in the future.

Supported games as of now are Mario & Luigi RPG 2, Metroid Pinball and Shunkan Puzz Loop. We have stocked up limited quantities of the DS Vibration Cartridge, now shipping at US$ 24.90. Please note that the cartridge will slightly stick out of the unit when used with a Nintendo DS™ Lite console.

Based on Sega & Konami's PSP™ releases from this week, we have today received the Segadirect/Konamistyle exclusive Limited Editions of Sakura Taisen 1&2 as well as Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You.

The Sakura Taisen 1&2 [Super Deluxe Pack]> contains a copy of the game, along with a phone card, strap (in shape of a Sega Saturn console) and Hori's Premium Accessory Box, which once again is consisting of a Sakura Taisen branded pouch, face cover, liquid crystal cleaner and two UMD™ protecting slide cases. In stock as long as supplies last at US$ 99.90 only.

The Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You [Konamistyle Special Edition] includes a Drama CD, a themed carrying pouch, a "peek prevention" cover sheet as well as a handstrap, along with the usual copy of the game. Available now at US$ 119.90 as long as supplies last.

Popular restocks today worth mentioning, plus one interesting third party PSP™ accessory:

beatmania IIDX Arcade Style Controller N/A sold
Play-Yan Micro (w/ MediaStage Ver.4.2 for Nintendo) N/A sold
Play-Yan Micro N/A sold
Seawalker Waterproof Bag (orange) US$ 4.99 24h
Seawalker Waterproof Bag (blue) N/A sold
PSP Seawalker Waterproof Bag with Clip Lock (Orange) US$ 11.99 1-5d
Seawalker Waterproof Bag with Clip Lock (blue) US$ 14.90 1-5d

New toy releases in stock today:

From TV Animation ONE PIECE Big Plush Doll DX Pirate Cap - Model A: Luffy N/A sold
From TV Animation ONE PIECE Big Plush Doll DX - Model B: Chopper N/A sold
Namco Gals Collection Gashapon Vol.6 N/A sold
Nintendo DS Strap N/A sold
Nintendo Family Computer Controller 2 - Walking Figure: Fire Mario N/A sold
Nintendo Family Computer Controller 2 - Walking Figure: Toad N/A sold
Banpresto Official licensed Onimusha 3 Strap N/A sold
Water Game DS Candy Toy N/A sold


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