22. Nov, 2005 17:34 (HKT)

Shipping today: Soul Calibur III, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2 JPN), Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS™), One Piece: Pirates Carnival, Ikusa Gami, Guilty Gear Sound - Complete Box & more

From the publisher: Play as one of your favorite classic characters to follow how their fate unfolds in the Tales of Souls mode. Battle it out against your friends in the Vs. Standard mode. Create your own original character to play in the Character Creation mode. Rise in the ranks in the World Competition mode.

Get ready for the battles by training in the Practice Mode; enjoy unique battles in Soul Arena Mode; view the history of the franchise and everything you’ve unlocked in Museum Mode

Namco's Soul Calibur III for PlayStation2™ is available today as Japanese release version at US$ 64.90 only. At the same time, Hori's official Soul Calibur III Real Arcade Pro Stick is in stock at US$ 79.90 as long as supplies last.

An NTSC/J encoded Asian English language version is expected tomorrow (US$ 59.90), JVC's Soul Calibur III Original Soundtrack [2CD+DVD] (US$ 36.90) is due by end of this week.

Game features:
  • Customizable characters: Create your own character after you or the ideal warrior you’ve always wanted to be. Choose the sex, occupation, look and even a weapon for your own original character.
  • Your original character is the star: The Chronicles of the Sword mode allows your original customized character to play through a mode much like real-time simulation; you can see your own character in the battles that unfold.
  • 3 Brand new characters! Zasalamel, Tira and Setsuka wield their specialty weapons to join the classic cast for a total of over 25 characters.
  • More stages than before: Battle it out in more stages than ever, from a castle in Germany to a shrine in Greece, or even at the top of a clock tower.
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    From the publisher: The legendary Castlevania series returns with a new story and a new hero. Hector, one of two Devil Forgemasters who once trained under Dracula, has fled Vallachia disillusioned with the ideals of his mentor. Now, three years after Dracula was defeated in battle at the hands of the Belmonts, Isaac - a former friend and fellow Devil Forgemaster suddenly reappears and orchestrates the execution of Hector's beloved. Fueled by revenge, Hector returns to Vallachia to confront Isaac.

    Konami's Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (aka. Akumajo Dracula: Yami no Juin) is in stock today available as official Japanese release version at US$ 64.90 only. Each copy of the game ships bundled with a mini soundtrack album containing 4 tracks as long as initial supplies last.

    The Castlevania: Curse of Darkness - Original Soundtrack album will be released next week and is on preorder at US$ 33.90 respectively.

    Game features:
    • Use Devil Forgery skills to develop & enhance "Innocent Devils" allies
    • RPG elements featuring character growth based on experience points
    • Deep storyline that unfolds against a backdrop of beautifully environments
    • Increased number of unlockable features to enhance replayability
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    From the publisher: Players move into a living, breathing world inside the Nintendo DS...and then invite their friends to visit from anywhere on earth. Players make their own stories. A player and up to three friends move into a village and just live life, extend a home, interact with their neighbors and explore the village.

    Much of the cast of the original Animal Crossing returns, including animals of all shapes and personality types: K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, Blathers, Mr. Resetti and more. There are also a number of new characters.

    Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS™ is now available at US$ 48.90 as Japanese release version.

    Game features:
    • In this sequel to the wildly popular Nintendo GameCube game, players and up to three friends can hang out in the same village and interact in real time – either through wireless LAN or over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Now players can visit a friend’s village from thousands of miles away.
    • The touch screen makes item management and world navigation a breeze. Typing letters and designing patterns are now just stylus strokes away.
    • Days and seasons pass in real time, so whether players want to decorate their homes, catch bugs or fish, collect brand-new items like hats and sunglasses or just chat with the wild and wacky characters in their villages, there’s always something to do.

    Further new video game related arrivals from today:

    PlayStation2™ / Sony PSP™:
    .hack// fragmentJPN US$ 64.90 sold
    Ikusa GamiASIA US$ 59.90 sold
    Metal Slug 4 (SNK Best Collection)JPN US$ 34.90 1w
    One Piece: Pirates CarnivalJPN US$ 59.90 sold
    Puyo Puyo Fever 2JPN US$ 49.90 1-2w
    Ratchet & Clank 4th Girigiri Gingano Giga-battleASIA US$ 49.90 sold
    Rebirth MoonJPN US$ 64.90 sold
    Rebirth Moon [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 95.00 sold
    Samurai Spirits Zero (SNK Best Collection)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
    The King of Fighters 2002 (SNK Best Collection)JPN US$ 34.90 sold
    Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and GirlJPN US$ 52.90 sold
    Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and GirlASIA US$ 49.90 sold

    Nintendo Gamecube™, NDS™ & Gameboy Micro™:
    One Piece: Pirates CarnivalJPN US$ 59.90 1-5d
    SSX On Tour with MarioJPN US$ 59.90 1w
    Bubble Bobble DSJPN US$ 48.90 sold
    Simple DS Series Vol. 6: The Party GameJPN US$ 28.90 1w
    Snowboard Kids PartyJPN US$ 48.90 1w
    Micro Carry Pouch (black) US$ 18.90 sold
    Micro Carry Pouch (silver) US$ 18.90 sold

    Noteable video game & anime soundtrack arrivals from today:

    Game Sound Legend Series - Konami Game FreaksJPN US$ 19.90 sold
    Guilty Gear Sound - Complete Box [Limited Release]JPN US$ 169.90 sold
    Gunstar Heroes Sound CollectionJPN US$ 24.90 sold
    Konami Game Music Vol.4JPN US$ 27.90 sold
    Yume Miru Chikara (Onegai My Melody New Ending Theme) [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 27.90 sold

    Three new Adult UMD™ movies are in stock today:

    Debut Sato Hirobi PortableJPN US$ 39.90 sold
    TMA Transcendence Queen Very Kyoku PortableJPN US$ 29.90 sold
    Ushirokarashite 2 Jikan PortableJPN US$ 29.90 sold

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