26. Oct, 2004 19:26 (HKT)

Shipping today: StellaDeus (PlayStation2™), Sega History Collection Gashapon and Famicom Cassette Storage Cases

StellaDeus takes place in a slowly collapsing world, where power dries up. A religious sorority Ekuwe used ancient teachings to temporary stopped the world's decline and saved the mobs and people, but people begin to lose their will and energy to live under the Ekuwe.

The King of Dignis gathers those who still have energy and liberate people from the rule of the religious sorority. The wave of purge was about to approach the village where the hero Sufida lives....

The game uses a traditional tactical RPG battle system, in which each action consumes action point (AP), characters can learn new special attacks, magic and abilities when reaching certain levels. Two characters can cooperate for strong attacks.

Atlus' new potential RPG hit StellaDeus is in stock now at US$ 64.90.

Yujin's Sega History Collection Gashapon includes a mini replica of Sega's video game consoles released in Japan. Each console has been redesigned very detailed, including a set of accessories as well as game titles. Every console replica is available in the first design, including Sega Mark III (1985), Master System (1987), Mega Drive (1988), Mega-CD (1991), Sega Saturn (1994) and Dreamcast (1998). Each Gashapon toy is priced at US$ 3.90 only and not to be missed by any Sega fan. Please order a total of 6 units to obtain a complete set.

Detailed individual description:

  • Mark III system including 2 joypads, FM sound unit, Fantasy Zone cartridge & game card
  • Master system including 2 joypads, Phantasy Star cartridge & game card
  • Mega Drive system including 3 button joypad, Master System Adapter & Alien Soldier cartridge
  • Mega-CD system including Super 32X, 6 button joypad, Virtua Fighter 32X cartridge, Mansion of Hidden Souls Game CD & case
  • Saturn system including 1 joypad, Virtua Fighter 2 game cd & case
  • Dreamcast system including 1 joypad, VMS, Puru Puru Pack, Space Channel 5 Game CD & case

    Another toy related release is once again coming from Banpresto taking full advantage of their Nintendo Famicom license. This time we have received the Famicom Cassette Storage Case, which is a 1:1 size replica of a variety of Nintendo Famicom™ game cartridges. A total of 14 different models are available (check below for a detailed list), now shipping randomly at a price of US$ 6.90 per unit. More interesting Famicom goodies from Banpresto are assured to be released in the near future...

    List of available cartridges (shipped randomly):

  • A: Mario Bros.
  • B: Super Mario Bros.
  • C: Super Mario Bros. 3
  • D: Dr. Mario
  • E: Excite Bike
  • F: Urban Champion
  • G: Ice Climber
  • H: Clu Clu Land
  • I: The Legend of Zelda
  • J: Duck Hunt
  • K: Devil World
  • L: Donkey Kong
  • M: Balloon Fight
  • N: Wrecking Crew

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