26. Jul, 2005 13:37 (HKT)

Shipping today: Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3, Taito Memories, Twinkle Star Spirits, Fatal Frame: Zero (PS2™), Sengoku Cannon, Tenchu (PSP™), Ouendan, Pac'n Roll, toys, soundtracks & more

After more than 2 years, the successor to Banpresto's popular Super Robot Taisen Alpha Series is here. This time, with "Mobile Suite Gundam Seed", "Yuaha-oh Gaogaiga Final" and "Virtual On", another three major series join the foray, making this production the biggest one ever. Join the metal newcomers, overcome the boundaries of galaxies and destroy all evil on this world!

As common for this series, this game uses a turn based chess-like game play. You are taking side of the righteous and exchange blows with the sworn enemies and all evil of the world in order to bring peace to the world again. All robots feature unique movies as seen in the original TV anime.

Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 includes 32 robot productions. Apart from the new additions, such popular series as "Mobile Suit Gundam", "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Super Dimension Fortress Macross", "Yusha Raiden", "Legendary Giant God Ideon", "Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar" and many more are included.

Apart from standard one-on-one duels, you can organize your robots into 4-robot teams fighting together as a unit. New this time is an "automatic team formation system", where one can use "balance", "power" and "speed" for the computer to determine how to setup the team. If your team has built up excess credits, you can also use more detailed guidelines such as "mobility", "attack strength", "defence strength", "special ability", "special skill", and "will command" to field the remaining robots.

Banpresto's SRPG game Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3: To the End of the Galaxy is in stock today shipping at US$ 79.90. Hori's licensed Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3: To the End of the Galaxy Memory Card 8MB as well as the Super Robot Taisen Alpha Premium Edition (which contains previous PS™/PS2™ Super Robot Taisen Alpha titles plus bonus items) are expected within the next few days.

The game's main theme song Gong (performed by JAM Project) is on preorder to ship August 3rd at US$ 11.90 only.

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    Experience 20 years of video game history in one great compilation. Taito Memories Joukan (which translates to Taito Memories First Volume) contains 25 classic arcade games released between 1978 to 1997 on one PlayStation2™ disc. The content is indeed not to be missed by any gaming fan, covering game genres from action, shooting, educational to sports and including a couple of classics that are now hard to find as previous home console releases.

    Enjoy the good old times once more and trigger back your memory to a time when video game history was written. Taito Memories Joukan is in stock today shipping at US$ 49.90 only. Also don't forget to preorder Taito Memories Gekan (aka. Taito Memories Last Volume) which will be released on August 25th.

    Full Taito Memories Joukan game listing:

  • Elevator Action Returns
  • Space Invader Color
  • Darius Gaiden
  • Lunar Rescue
  • Alpine Ski
  • The Fairyland Story
  • KiKi KaiKai
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Rastan Saga
  • Kuri Kinton
  • Syvalion
  • Jigoku Meguri
  • Cameltry
  • Don Doko Don
  • Flipull
  • Kyuukyoku Harikiri Koshien
  • Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV
  • Runark
  • Pulirura
  • Metal Black
  • Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer
  • Space Invader DX
  • Light Bringer
  • Cleopatra Fortune
  • Puchi Carat

    From the publisher: After a traffic accident that resulted in the loss of her fiancé leaving her the sole survivor, Kurosawa Rei uses the camera to make her living. One day, she accepted an assignment to take pictures in the legendary "ghost house". And so, that is how she came to the mountains. But one of the pictures she took that day showed the image of her long-lost lover...

    The endless nightmare, the "Irezumi No Koe" (Voice of Tattoo) that one seems to hear in the deep of the night and the secrets of the old house are slowly revealed...

    Overcoming boundaries between reality and dreamworld, Fatal Frame: Zero is Japanese horror pure, which makes your hair stand. You have to explore the depths of the nightmare to investigate, and then return to the real world to analyze and solve it. By shuttling between these two realms, you will slowly unravel the mysteries surrounding the old house. But, will the spirits of the dead stay in their realm? Or will they suddenly appear in the real world? The line between the nightmare and reality is getting blurred. A surreal sensation of horror is waiting for you to take it on!

    In the third of the series, the main character is no longer battling alone, with a total of 3 characters with different abilities, Rei, Kei & Miku are helping one another to solve puzzles and bringing more variety to the tackling of the game. Rei can use her spiritual powers in the camera to shoot and hence attack evil spirits, and also to listen in to the spirits' sounds. Kei is so knowledgeable that he can decipher the text used in ancient writings, and is also very good at hiding to avoid evil spirits. Finally Miku can sneak into hidden passageways and perform other special actions, like using a saintly mirror to seal actions of the spirits.

    Fatal Frame: Zero (aka. Rei ~Irezumi No Koe~) is in stock today shipping as Asian release version at US$ 59.90 only. The official Japanese release version is expected within a few days. Also in stock today is the game's main theme Koe (performed by Tsukiko Amano) and published by Pony Canyon at US$ 9.90 only.

    From the publisher: 20XX, the human race has successfully repulsed the giant aliens from outer space. But good times do not last, the unimaginable happens just after 3 months. This time, the invading combat biological weapons are even more evolved and can fly and even burrow! A giant ant hole deep in the depths of the Earth is the breeding grounds of masses of evolved enemies. The nightmare-like war is not over yet. Can the human race defeat the alien invaders again and restore peace to Earth?

    After ferocious fighting, scarred Earth is finally at peace. The aliens that were thought to have been eliminated hide their hive deep underground, producing more evolved new species with better combat capabilities to conduct an invasion against the human race again! The player takes on as a soldier in the Earth Defense Force, using various different weapons to fight with giant insect-like life forms with great destructive powers many times his/her size.

    The more evolved insect-like aliens not only have greater strength, but also possess more varied attack patterns. The evolved new alien types include fast and flight-capable flying insect (winged ant); web-spewing arachnid with amazing jumping abilities (spider); and at least 30-meter long myriapoda (centipede). In order to overcome these new alien forms, the Earth Defense Force also has new blood injected – "flying female combatant". Using double firepower from the airmobile force and heavy ground weaponry, the fun of the game is multiplied! Gamers, do battle with these aliens ruining the peace of the world, and fight to the death in ferocious war!

    In order to deal with a stronger threat, the game includes more than 140 types of different weapons, which are more powerful and destructive than ever. They include the rapid-firing Assault Rifle, long-range Sniper Rifle, destructive thrown Grenade, enemy-chasing Rocket Launcher etc. And the various pilotable weapon platforms in the predecessor are all retained, like the defensive moving fortress Tank, destructive bombing machine Combat Helicopter, and the highly mobile attack weapon Airbike. The player can coordinate the use of the various weapons and weapon platforms to give rise to varied battle tactics!

    Published under D3's budget Simple 2000 Series, The Terra Defence Force 2 is in stock today shipping at US$ 25.90 only.

    From the publisher: The evil Ghost Golvis turns Pac-Man into a sphere and you need to help him save his friends and family.

    Castle Pac is celebrating the large crop of power pellets gathered, when the Harvest Festival is suddenly disturbed by a UFO that emits a Ghost Beam, turning Pac-Land into Ghost-Land. Suddenly attacked by the large monster Golvis, Pac-Master chomps on a power pellet and initiates attack - but while the other ghosts run blue, Golvis remains calm, laughing. Then from his guitar comes a Ghost Light that turns all Pac's into spheres!

    Now with the help of a little Fairy, Crystal, Pac-Man must save his family and girlfriend from the evil Golvis and Ghosts. You are Pac-Man, controlling his every rolling move with the Nintendo DS stylus. Go forward, turn, dash, make a sharp stop; you can control Pac-Man any way you want. With intuitive controls and a twist on the classic Pac-Man franchise, this is a must have for your NDS game collection.

    Namco's Pac 'n Roll is in stock today shipping as Japanese release version at US$ 48.90 only. Each preorder ships with a bonus stylus as preorder gift.

    Product features:
    • Play with Pac-Man like a track ball and use your stylus to control his every movement.
    • Explore stages in various worlds from Castle Pac to the Gyro-Jungle and Ghost Land.
    • Power-up with items from a feather hat to armor.
    • Includes original Pac-Man arcade classic.

    In Ouendan, you are a member of a "support squadron". Your mission is simple: help out those in need to bring peace to the world...

    The game is essentially a rhythm game, however with a very odd storytelling along the way. Using your stylus, you touch 'Hit Markers' that appear on the screen in conjunction with the movement of a 'Timer Cycle'. Get many strikes in a row to build up combos and boost your score.

    The game is presented in an interesting comic-book style.

    Ouendan has the potential to become an insider tip. The game has not yet announced for any release outside of Japan. In stock today at US$ 48.90 only.

    From the publisher: Two years have passed since the settling of the soul hunting incident in which human souls were transplanted into mechanical bodies. As people were gradually recovering from the pain sustained, a new incident took place. One day, the puppet soldiers who should have disappeared, the fortress suddenly appears again. In order to unravel the truth behind the whole incident, a group of people took upon themselves to embrace the Hisouseki

    Making full use of the 16:9 widescreen characteristics, Sengoku Cannon adopts the 2D side scrolling shooting system. Adjustable difficulty levels with simple operation without complex controls, makes this title an easy playable shooter. Wave through all the bullets, and enjoy the exhilarating excitement other games cannot compare with!

    Any stage in the game that has at least been cleared once can be played repeatedly in the practice mode. So even newbies can breakthrough tough stages easily, while learning how to get high scores with the use of this mode. 4 different characters are available from the start, more can be unlocked during the game. Finishing the enemy with your "Cannon Shot" will result into overkill and boosting your score.

    X-Nauts Sengoku Cannon: Sengoku Ace Episode III is in stock today shipping as Asia release version at US$ 49.90. The Japanese version - priced at US$ 52.90 respectively - will arrive in the next few days.

    From the publisher: After the Disturbance of Tenrai, peace has been restored to the realms of Gohda. But good times sure do not last; the facade of peace hides the suspicious shadows closing on this realm from neighbouring realms. The lord of the realm, Gohda Matsunoshin detected that something strange and hidden had happened, and so he started investigations. Under these conditions of chance, characters everybody is familiar with, Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin and others gathered to serve the lord in these times of need. A battle between ninjas that takes place only in the shadows is about to commence...

    The biggest characteristic of the Tenchu series is the stealth kill, silently killing opponents when they are unaware. No matter how strong an enemy is, he can be easily taken care of when he is sneaked up from behind. The thrills of killing enemies with single stokes, coupled with Playstation® Portable’s (PSP®) convenience, can now be enjoyed anywhere by the player with his favorite character. This time, in the story mode, the main characters of past works in the series will be making their appearances. The five playable characters are the familiar Rikimaru and Ayame; Tenchu Kurenai’s Rin; senior Tatsumaru; and assassin Tesshu. With the use of different characters, the plot developments will differ.

    This time the game newly adds in the components of cooperative play and versus play modes. With the use of the USB port or Ad Hoc mode, two people can play the game at the same time. There is the cooperative mode in which both players work together to complete a mission, and there is also the versus mode for players to pit against one another. In versus mode, all the useable characters can be chosen. The player can experience fun that is different than that derived from the story mode.

    The game features a "mission create mode". Create your very own original missions, including detailed settings such as character settings, plot hints, dialogues, and even terrain changes and positioning of the enemies. The original missions created can be traded or passed on to friends.

    Tenchu: Shinobi Taizen is in stock today shipping as Asian release version at US$ 49.90. Every copy of this version ships bundled with 1 out of 2 available demo UMD™ Videos containing exclusive Tenchu footage. The Japanese version of the game is priced at US$ 52.90 and due in the next few days.

    Further new video game releases in stock today:

    Mahou Sensei Negima! 2-Jikanme - Gold Medal VersionJPN US$ 64.90 1-5d
    Mahou Sensei Negima! 2-Jikanme - Silver Medal VersionJPN US$ 59.90 1-5d
    Simple 2000 Series Vol. 82: The Kung FuJPN US$ 25.90 1w
    Twinkle Star Spirits: La Petite PrincesseJPN US$ 59.90 sold
    Space Invaders Pocket (w/ T-Shirt: Size XXL)KOR US$ 34.90 sold
    Space Invaders Pocket (w/ T-Shirt: Size XL)KOR US$ 34.90 sold
    Space Invaders Pocket (w/ T-Shirt: Size L)KOR US$ 34.90 sold

    Taito's Korean version Space Invaders Pocket release (officially released last week) is in stock today, available bundled with a Space Invaders branded T-Shirt. The gift is available in three sizes, ranging from L to XXL. All preorders are automatically filled with XL as standard size.

    New toy related releases shipping today:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Extra School Swimming Suit Figure Ver.2: Rei Ayanami US$ 19.90 sold
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Extra School Swimming Suit Figure Ver.2: Asuka Langley US$ 19.90 sold
    New Century GPX Cyber Formula Race Queen Collection US$ 6.90 sold
    Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke: Gazelle The Peacemaker US$ 79.90 sold

    Notable new soundtrack, movie and UMD™ Video releases in stock today:

    Armored Core Last Raven Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 21.90 5-15d
    Koe (Fatal Frame: Zero Main Theme)JPN US$ 9.90 sold
    Link/Promised Land 2005 (Fullmetal Alchemist The Conqueror of Shambala Ending Theme) [CD+DVD Limited Edition]JPN US$ 12.90 sold
    TAO (Tales of Legendia Intro Theme) [CD+DVD]JPN US$ 17.90 5-15d
    Bleach Soul Society Sennyu Hen 1 [DVD+CD Limited Edition]JPN US$ 33.90 sold
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (UMD™ Video)JPN US$ 37.90 5-15d
    S.W.A.T. (UMD™ Video)JPN US$ 37.90 5-15d
    Hirakawachi 1-chome Hyakka Vol.1 (UMD™ Music)JPN US$ 27.90 5-15d

    Link/Promised Land 2005 (Fullmetal Alchemist The Conqueror of Shambala Ending Theme) [CD+DVD Limited Edition] has originally been published last week. Since the item is out of print it's still worth to be mentioned. The item is in stock in limited quantities for a short period of time only.

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