20. Sep, 2005 13:56 (HKT)

Shipping today: Taito's PlayStation2™ shooter Raiden III, Space Invaders Galaxy Beat & Princess Crown (PSP™ Asia)

The popular arcade shooting game Raiden III finally becomes available to play in the comfort of your own home, with new improvements such as the "Flash Shot System". To reach a higher score, you need to enhance your gaming strategy how to take down the enemies quickly. If you are fan of the series, do not miss out this title.

Raiden III is a horizontal scrolling shooting game. Enemies come towards you from all directions. As primary weapon, you will have a "Vulcan Shot" for wide scale attack, "Laser" for focused firepower and "Proton Laser" for free-style sweeping attack. In addition, gamers can also choose from "Nuclear Missile", "Homing Missile" and "Radar Missile" as secondary weapons to compliment the primary weapons for an effective long and short attack.

The title introduces the concept of "Offence is the best defense, kill the enemies before being attacked", together with scoring more points when one kills the enemies quickly with the "Flash Shot System". Once you can remember the positions where the enemies appear, and readily ambush them, you will be able to score up to twice the points.

In addition to preserving the arcade mode, the PlayStation2™ edition also incorporates various game modes and features to further the entertainment elements! These includes: "Score Attack", a training mode for various stages, "Boss Attack", a mode to continuously battle the Boss, "Data & Gallery", a mode to read about CG parts and original artwork, etc. New features also include the ability for two players to simultaneously engage in game play with one controller; replay current or pre-saved sequences of the game; vertical or horizontal display and more.

Taito's PlayStation2™ shooter Raiden III is in stock today shipping at US$ 59.90 only.

In 1978, a game called "Space Invaders" greatly affected the gaming market and paved the way for what we know today in games. Now, without changing the nature of the game, the new PSP™ edition is now available! Up till now, gamers can only fire one shot and the enemy at a time. However, in this edition, apart from preserving the suspense of original edition, a "rapid firing" mode has been added, creating a satisfying shooter game. In addition, apart from the PSP™ proprietary network gaming, this edition also allows two gamers to engage in battle with just one deck!

If it was just a pure platform migration, it would have been too boring. As such, this edition also comes with a brand new exciting "Future Mode". Gameplay in this mode is feature in full colour and when you attack the invaders by firing in sync with the BGM (Background Music), you will be able to create ultra grand killer attacks! If executed correctly, you can even get the enemies to dance along with the music, and with the change of the BGM, increase the damage of your attacks.

Want to play Space Invaders together, but have only one deck? Fear not, with the Match-up Mode, you will be able to turn your PSP™ by 90 degrees and have two persons gaming right on the same deck. Apart from competing who can clear out all the enemies faster, by successfully hitting the UFO, a gamer will be able to let the Invaders invert in direction, creating a crisis for your opponent.

Last but not least, a classic gaming mode containing the original Space Invaders has also been included.

Galaxy Beat for Sony PSP™ is available as Asia release version at US$ 49.90 only.

Sega and Atlus jointly developed the original title, launched in 1997. The game, designed with "sword and magic fantasy" in mind, contains unique, highly detailed and beautiful 2D images, once created much positive response from Gamers. This action RPG title has been popular among gamers. Now, this "Even adults will find it enjoyable children story" will be available on PSP™!

Like in the fairy tale world, gamers play the lead character, a curious and righteous princess with a nose for exploration. All the characters, including the enemies are presented in a highly detailed and adorable appearance, with every movement revealing unique beauty, dazzling the gamers. In this world, you must defeat the fire dragon, rescue unicorns, drive out greedy spirits, gather mermaid's tears and succeed on various other strange missions. All these to support the little princess to uncover the mysteries and plots in this fantasy world.

Battle scenes cannot be left out in RPG, this title uses a one on one 2D battle model. Controls for the little princess (black swordsman, little witch, pirate) are simple, requiring only 3 buttons (attach, dodge, weapons) and the direction pad to execute all the colourful and rich movements. During battle, gamers can also use the wizard staff to transform the enemies into small animals, or the ice-fire-thunder dust and various other magical items, as well as medicine to improve one's resistance or self-made formula to recover one's energy.

The PSP™ edition not only preserves the full original edition of the game, but also introduces new elements such as choice of 3 different display modes, ability to change fonts and a more user-friendly interface, as well as the fan favorite "Gallery Mode".

Published by Atlus, Princess Crown for Sony PSP™ is available today at US$ 49.90, shipping as Asian release version.


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