23. Sep, 2005 08:28 (HKT)

Shipping today: Viewtiful Joe Battle Carnival, Battalion Wars (Gamecube™), Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes and Rainbow Six: Lockdown (Xbox™ Asia)

From the publisher: In Viewtiful Joe™ Battle Carnival, production on the newest Captain Blue movie is just about to begin. Unfortunately he can't seem to decide on the lead character. Now it's up to gamers to be the star of the showand "audition" to see who will take the leading role in this big action extravaganza. An all-star cast of new and familiar playable characters will be available in this intense versus-fighting game including Captain Blue Junior, Sprocket and other original characters from the popular Japanese TV animated cartoon series. With completely new movie set designs and two player cooperative gameplay, there is an exuberant amount of action that extends beyond the silver screen.

The Smash Bros. style fighting game Viewtiful Joe Battle Carnival (previously also announced as Viewtiful Joe VFX Battle and now published outside of Japan as Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble) for Gamecube™ is in stock today available at US$ 49.90 only.

Game features:
  • New versus gameplay for the Viewtiful Joe universe –The gloves come off during the ‘audition’ as players participate in this intense versus fighting action; a first for the award-winning series.
  • All-star cast of playable characters – Reacquaint yourself with familiar faces or discover new and original characters from the TV anime series including Sylvia, Alastor, Sprocket, an ice princess that intimidates people with her cold stares, and Captain Blue Junior, Captain Blue's sidekick who calls himself "Junior".
  • Interactive environments – In addition to new set designs, players will be able to use enemies and background elements to attack their opponents.
  • Two different modes of play – Choose between one or two player cooperative mode.

From the publisher: Battalion Wars blazes onto Nintendo GameCube™ with a platoon of real-time strategy (RTS) action. Whether players are hoofing it across the plains as a lone infantryman or commanding an entire platoon from atop an armored tank, the challenge is real and the mission is critical. There has never been a real-time strategy title like this before.

Battalion Wars contains more than 20 unique missions, each with a number of sub-quests and goals. Once in a mission, players can complete it any way they choose. Need to blow up a tank? Go the stealthy route and send a squad through the forest to ambush it from behind, or just hop into a tank and charge! Real-time strategy meets full-on action.

Nintendo's RTS Gamecube™ game Battalion Wars (also known as Famicom Wars) is now available as US release version at US$ 59.90 only.

Game features:
  • Command forces in the heat of battle, but beware. Clever enemy AI will adapt to every move.
  • Hop behind the wheel of multiple attack vehicles: Pilot jeeps, tanks, helicopters, airborne gunships, fighter jets, transport vehicles and more.
  • Take the fight to foes with a massive arsenal of weapons such as rifles, bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers and many others.
  • Countries will rise or fall based on players’ tactics, and guiding troops has never been easier. Want to station forces on a ridge? Send a scout team to spy on the enemy? Charge headlong into the breach? Battalion Wars lets players do it all at the touch of a button.

Additionally, three new Asia NTSC/J version Xbox™ releases are in stock today:

Kingdom Under Fire: HeroesASIA US$ 44.90 sold
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsASIA US$ 44.90 1-2w
Rainbow Six: LockdownASIA US$ 44.90 1-5d


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