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Shipping today: Winning Eleven 10, Sega Ages Panzer Dragoon & Dynamite Deka, Mother 3 Deluxe Box restock, Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Vol.2, Dragon Quest Crystal Monsters 3 & more

Konami's popular soccer simulation series continues with a release dedicated to the 2006 World Cup. Produced by Shingo Takatsuka (responsible for previous Winning Eleven releases as well), several improvements have been made to allow an even more realistic as well as uninterrupted game flow.

The game features new player motions, with particular attention having been paid to movement for when players shoot. The cursor change now reacts more sensitively when selecting your active player as well as less yellow & red card issued by the referee. The CPU's A.I. has been improved further, giving each team a more characteristic touch. Further, a Pitch Reporter is now joining the game in addition to the usual commentary.

The Master League mode now allows you to switch between having a player grow with age or stay the same as the default settings. Also new is a Quick Start option, where by pressing R1 and L1 together when prompted, you can make the match start immediately. Newcomers will appreciate some of the optional simplifications WE10 makes. A new "Simple Setting" automates some tasks, letting the computer handle team formation and substitutions.

Further, two new modes of play have been added. The new International Challenge mode lets you select a national team from around the world and aim for top world status. This mode starts off with regional tournaments set in Asia, North America, South America and Europe, each with different regulations. The other new mode of play revealed so far is Random Selection Match mode, where you make use of a team comprised of randomly selected players.

Konami's Winning Eleven 10 for PlayStation2™ is in stock today, shipping at US$ 59.90 only. The Winning Eleven 10 (Konamistyle Special Edition) is expected to arrive this Friday and priced at US$ 99.90 respectively. The latter contains an additional WE10 branded T-Shirt (Size L) and Keyring.

Also on preorder is the Winning Eleven 10 Theme Song Win and Shine, performed by Ukatrats FC, shipping May 24th at US$ 9.90. A Winning Eleven 10 dedicated full length album tentatively titled We Love WE is shipping June 14th at US$ 29.90.

Sega is bringing one of the probably most popular Sega Saturn games ever back to life as part of the PlayStation2™ SEGA Ages series.

Panzer Dragoon, first released in 1995 follows the story of Keil Fluge, a member of a hunter party who encounters a fight between two dragons, coloured black and blue. The rider of the blue dragon is mortally wounded in the battle, and entrusts his mission, as well as his dragon, the Solo Wing, to Keil. Keil must stop the Dark Dragon reactivating an ancient ruin...

The control of the game is simple, you have to shoot. Your viewing area can be switched between front, back, left and right to better deal with incoming enemies. Additionally, tapping the fire button will let you shoot individual blasts, while holding it down will let you lock on to multiple targets that can be hit once you release the button.

Sega Ages Vol. 27: Panzer Dragoon contains a remake of the Sega Saturn shooter, including improved visuals and sound effects. Also included is a Pandora Box mode, which allows players to select stage, difficulty, view illustration and movies in the game as well as an original Saturn Mode.

Sega Ages Vol. 27: Panzer Dragoon is in stock today at US$ 28.90 only. Also make sure to check out the classical Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Original Soundtrack, still in stock at US$ 28.90.

Update: In contrast to our news post from yesterday, a remake of Panzer Dragon II is NOT included in this compilation. We apologize for the confusion caused.

Sega Ages Vol. 26: Dynamite Deka is a remake of the 1997 released Sega Saturn game Dynamite Deka, which is also known as Die Hard Arcade in the US. The game is played by fighting your way through waves of enemies, using fists, legs, and a ludicrous variety of weapons. You progress through the requisite baddies and bosses with cutscenes interspersed into the action.

Next to a PlayStation2™ enhanced "Dynamite Deka Mode", which contains upgrade graphics, this Sega Ages title also includes a "Sega Saturn Mode", which is basically a 1:1 port of the 32-bit classic. Additional game modes include "Easy Mode", "Arrest Mode", "One Shot Kill Mode", "Deadline Mode" and "Altered Beast Mode".

Sega Ages Vol. 26: Dynamite Deka is shipping today at US$ 28.90.

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    Pleasant news today for everyone still waiting for last week's released Mother 3 Deluxe Box. All suppliers have kept their promise and sufficient units are finally in stock today. Every single pending preorder is expected to ship out today, plus we have been able to purchase a relatively big batch of additional units. If you are still trying to get your hands on this beautiful Limited Set, then it's your chance now. The Mother 3 Deluxe Box (w/ Gameboy Micro Limited Edition) is in stock to ship within 24 hours at US$ 195 as long as supplies last.

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    Dragon Quest Crystal Monsters 3 N/A sold
    Famican Gashapon N/A sold
    Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Vol.2 (Re-run) N/A sold

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