28. Mar, 2006 13:15 (HKT)

Shipping today: Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2, Shinobido Takumi, IGPX (PS2™), Densha de Go! Pocket: Osaka Kanjousenhen, Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code (PSP™), Pocket Monster Shell Pack (NDS™) & more

Try to escape from the flooded underground city!

A few years after the destruction of the capital island, the development of various cities had been rapid. Tomisaka city's Geo Frontia Plan involving the development of an underground city drew attention from all over the world. In December 2010, Geo City combining the above ground and underground of Tomisaka city was officially in operation. But on Christmas Eve, an unusually heavy rain fell on the city. Will this rain bring blessings or disaster?

The well-acclaimed disaster survival game Zettai Zetsumei Toshi is finally coming up with a worthy successor. The setting this time is in a flooded underground city. As the flooding creates various dangerous situations in the underground city, the player has to look out for traps created by the properties of water. But sometimes, water can help in escaping, like giving access to high points by using water to move wooden crates to a point where they allow for climbing. All in all, it all depends on the player's reaction to adversity.

Irem's PlayStation2™ disaster survival game Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2: Itetsuita Kioku Tachi is shipping today as Asia release version at US$ 59.90 only. A Japanese Version of the game is expected later this week at US$ 64.90 respectively.

Shinobido Takumi is a mission add-on pack for Shinobido Imashime. It contains the productions of famous game magazine editors and Japan's Shinobido fans. The game features more than 100 missions in total, not only including standard ninja fares but alsocomical and even dreamy romantic ones. In the Takumi mode (edit mode) you can modify data from the original game.

The time is the latter part of the Muromachi period.The player plays as a ninja called "Karasu no Gou" who parted ways with his memories during a mission. To recover his memory, he made a pact with various daimyos and accepts tough missions from them in extermination, delivery, reconnaissance, kidnapping and rescue.

Spike's Shinobido Takumi for PlayStation2™ is in stock now at budget release price of US$ 36.90 only.

Densha de Go! Pocket: Osaka Kanjousenhen is based on the well acclaimed PlayStation2™ game "Let's Go by Train! Final", edited and ported to the PSP™, including all the stations of the Osaka Loop Line that was not included in its predecessor.

Most gamers who have been to Osaka are bound to have taken a ride on the Osaka Loop Line. That is because many of the Osaka's hot travel destinations like Kyoto and Tennoji are either directly accessible from this line or transferred to another line from this one. And in this game, all 19 big and small stations of the Osaka Loop Line are included. The player is free to travel in either direction.

Densha de Go! Pocket uses CG to depict the train's movement, making the game more realistic and detailed. The moment the game starts, you have to take note of the direction of doors opening and closing, make announcements and then take note not to exceed the speed limit, finally stopping the train at the right spot. In order to drive a train safely, there are many small steps to follow.

The game lets you interact and exchange name cards with other train fans you meet. Apart from basic information, rank and title, you can also store rare elements. Hidden features include special items like UFOs or famous Taito characters.

Taito's train simulation game Densha de Go! Pocket: Osaka Kanjousenhen is in stock now as Asia release version at US$ 39.90 only. The Japanese Version will follow later this week at US$ 42.90.

From the publisher: While struggling to evade capture and death in the war-ravaged wilderness, some of these shape-shifter refugees stumble upon a carefully guarded and stunning secret that rekindles hope for freedom and peace to the realm. Can these refugees-turned-heroes bring the last surviving heir of the dynasty to the capital city or will they lead him to the warlord's hand, dooming their race into extinction and their human cousins to endless oppression and strife?

Untold Legends™ The Warrior's Code™ builds upon the success of the original through an all-new, epic storyline brought to life through dramatic in-game cinematics, a completely new combat experience and enhanced 3D graphics featuring improved graphics, special effects and lighting. Players will now experience an evolution in the action-RPG genre through an upgraded combat engine designed for strategic combat, a wider variety of combat moves and special abilities, interactive boss battles with unique AI, and dynamic attacks of opportunity.

Sony's Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code for PSP™ is shipping today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

From the publisher: The King is back in all his brilliance to keep the Prince and his cousins continuously rolling as you take the adventure on the road with your PSP. The royal family, taking a break from their celestial construction, find themselves on vacation on their very own sunny island when the Prince finds himself cast with the responsibility of creating islands of katamari for homeless animals. Play as the Prince or any of his returning and new PSP exclusive cousins as you roll up new objects in all new levels. Take on friends in wireless play as you roll up as many objects as possible! Enjoy the fun and quirkiness in an all-new installment for its first ever foray into the handheld world.

Me and My Katamari for PSP™ is available today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.


Game features:
  • Creative gameplay and art style returns: Old-time fans and newcomers to the series will rejoice as they see the all new interface that features an island setting where you can choose your options and stages represented by animals in need of a place to flourish.
  • Brand new tropical levels: Roll throughout different locations and environments, the Prince can enter buildings then roll into aquariums, and more in all new Katamari worlds.
  • Ever expanding cast of characters: New Cousins created specifically for the PSP make their premier appearance. Customize your cousins with new masks, headgear and more... you can dress the Prince and cousins wearing items on their head, face and torso, all at the same time!
  • We brought world peace with co-op play - now it's time for a battle: Battle three of your friends for a total of 4 players through wireless Ad Hoc play as you compete to roll up as many objects as possible!

Additional video game arrivals in stock today:

IGPXJPN US$ 42.99 1w
Simple 2500 Series Portable Vol. 6: The TankASIA N/A sold
Pocket Monster Shell Pack - Pikachu N/A sold
Pocket Monster Shell Pack - Lukerio N/A sold


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