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Soak up All the New Water Gun Info for Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash!!

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash
Marvelous Entertainment | PlayStation®4 | Genre: Third-person shooter
Release date: March 16, 2017 - Japan

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 59.99 24h

Marvelous Entertainment's has released more info on the water guns that'll players can use in their coming summer fun spin-off of the Senran Kagura series. 

Previously here, we mentioned that there might be more than ten water guns available but seems that there'll just be ten but each will have two firing modes with which to drench the opposing team. Each mode will have their own strengths and weaknesses so switch between them to suit the situation.

Assault Rifle
Info: Capable of continuous fire, not the strongest weapon but simple to use.
  • Full Auto Firing - Hold down the shoot button for continuing firing. Opponents won't be able to fight back while being hit, miss however and you'll a waste a lot of water.
  • Three-shot Burst Firing - Shoots only three shots per fire but each one is more powerful and uses less water.
Gatling Gun
A heavy weapon that slows its user down while firing. Takes a while to spin up to max firing speed but it's very powerful when it does. 
  • Loaded Bullet Specialization - Lower power but has a much higher ammo capacity to make up for it.
  • Power Specialization - Has half the ammo capacity of Loaded Bullet Specialization but each shot is more powerful.

Grenade Launcher
Fires water balloons for SPLASH damage when it hits either terrain or opponents. 
  • Bounce Balloons - Balloons will bounce off walls and terrain. Useful for soaking hiding opponents but requires a lot of skill to use.
  • Hitscan Explosive Balloons - Fires balloons at short range and don't bounce. It can hit opponents hiding behind walls.
Single Handgun
Consumes little water when firing. Great for firing from cover as the shots ricochet.
  • Semi-Auto Fire - Requires better aim but you use up less water.
  • Full Burst Fire - High rate of fire but if you're not paying attention you'll run out of water fast and be left wide open to attacks.

Shower Gun
Shots a continuous stream of water as long as the fire button is held. Good for constant damage but uses up water quickly.
  • Linear Type - Lower in power but high ammo capacity, good for focus firing
  • Scattering-Type - Can shoot over a large area and hit multiple opponents. It makes for a good "hit and run" weapon.
Rocket Launcher
Fires bottle rockets at long range. Very powerful but takes ages to reload.
  • High-Speed Linear Missle - Fires a quick and powerful shot in a straight line. Aim at the floor in the middle of a crowd of opponents for huge splash damage!
  • Triple Guided Missile - Each shot fires three missiles. While weaker and slower they'll lock on and follow the closest opponent.

Fires a scattershot of water bullets, damage depends on the range of the shot from the target.
  • Scattering Bullets - Short range but very powerful. It can damage a lot of opponents in one single shot.
  • Homing Scattering Bullets - Not as powerful but has a higher hit rate as they bullets will follow the closest target.
Spray Gun
Sort range weapon that shoots water as mist. Capable of constant firing and damage.
  • Emission Type - Low range but can continuously damage surrounding opponents.
  • Stationary Type - Creates a mist that damages anyone inside.

Sniper Rifle
Info: Fires a very long range water laser. Uses up a lot of water but can penetrate multiple opponents.
  • Power Specialization - Has a narrow field of view but if you lock on to your target you'll unleash the most powerful shot in the game. 
  • Auto-Aim Specialization - Wider field of view for locking on targets but compared to Power Specialization it only half as powerful.
Twin Handguns
Info: A pair of single shot water pistols allows you to fires two shots at one. Low water consumption but has a wide auto-aim range.
  • Power Specialization - Low ammo capacity but each shot is powerful. Take careful aim to deal large damage.
  • Loaded Bullets Specialization - Low damage but high ammo capacity. While each shot is weak you can overwhelm your opponents with constant attacks.
While the girls are soaking each other with their water guns, when a girl is sufficiently soaked, they'll activate Drenched Power-Up. In this mode, they'll have an unlimited supply of water for a limited amount of time, allowing them to turn the tide of battle. 

There will also be an in-game store that'll allow you purchase new items for your favorite Shinobi, including card packs, costumes, hairdos, accessories, as well as "Rubber Duckies" that change the colors of their Kunekune Finishers and Touching Water attacks. Avatar icons, panel skins, illustrations, videos, stamps and game system voices will also be available to buy then use in Multi-splash. There's also a special feature to change the shopkeeper to your favorite character. 

Also, remember there will be special "Nyuu Nyuu" editions of the game which we'll cover in detail once they become available too. 

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash will be released in Japan on March 16th, 2017. Asian Region and Western releases are also planned for this title.

(Big thanks to Gematsu!)

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 59.99 24h

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