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Soldiers, Detectives, Conductor and Monster Researcher - Nantama: Chronicle of Dungeon Maker, Yatsu Hakamura, Another Time Another Leaf, Meja-Maji March, Fuuun! Daisoujou, Animal Crossing OST & more!

Greta is a little town at the outskirts of the kingdom, surrounded by nature. And lately, it has been surrounded by monsters too.

People decide to learn about their enemies before launching major attacks, and a research center is set up.

Yet, not everybody can be a researcher, you need to be able to lure and capture monsters.

Your role is to create dungeons, battle and capture these specimens. Collect building materials and special baits for your dungeons, complete quests for the towns people and get new armors as well as weapons.

You are doing it in the name of science, come fish for all the monsters lurking around your village:

Nantama: Chronicle of Dungeon MakerJPN US$ 47.99 1-5d

A grudge spawned 400 years ago manifests itself as a massacre in a secluded village. With the culprit disappearing, the case was left unsolved until 20 years later, when a series of related murders happened. Yatsu Hakamura (Village of the Eight Graves) is one of the most difficult cases Kindaichi has ever solved.

Talk with the illustrious characters for hints and clues, pick up keywords along your explorations, trigger reactions from the witnesses and related personnel for different reactions, throw them off balance to uncover the secrets they may be hiding.

Besides solving the case along the main story, alternate reality plots are also included for gamers who want to do some original detective work.

The game comes with the exploration mode which allows you to store news entries, family or relationship charts and game history so you may refer to them as you proceed. Train your brain or take a break with the fun mini-games as well.

Graphics are drawn in brush painting style in monotones to immerse you in the dark, mysterious atmosphere, Step into the Village of the Eight Graves:

Yatsu HakamuraJPN US$ 48.90 1w

You have always wanted to lead a marching band, however, without members or musical instruments, you don't even have a place to start. One day, you meet a very experienced talking baton with magical powers, and with one wave of it, you manage to charm people into joining your band.

Wave your Wii remote control to the rhythm of the music to recruit members as you march and get new items. The more precise you are with your rhythm, the more members you will get. However, your members will leave the team when you make mistakes, so beware.

Colorful, cool and cute, the music game Meja-Maji March utilize the motion sensing function of the Wii console and is a family game for children, adults and the elderly:

Meja-Maji MarchJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d

Kaede is entrusted with a little box when her mother died. Opening it, she found a mirror within it, which housed her doppleganger Akeha.

While Kaede is quiet and serious, Akeha is completely different, how you control these two characters during your investigations is vital to your solving the case.

When strange things start happening at school, Kaede and Akeha are spurred into action, while Akeha can go back to the past to gather information, Kaede, with her serious attitude and eye for detail, visit crime scenes and talk to related people to collect clues.

Pop and cute, this colorful detective adventure is available for:

Another Time Another Leaf: Kagami no Naka no TanteiJPN US$ 54.99 1-5d

Defend your castle, utilize all brains resources you have to keep your castle from falling into your enemies' hands. Decide where to place your troops and how to move them around. See what attributes to assign to your army to yield the best results during battles.

When to mobilize your troops, when to send reinforcements are very important aspects, train your tactical thinking and stop the dark forces from entering your realm.

Towers, troops and weapons are all included in one little catridge. Fuuun! Daisoujou is available for:

Fuuun! DaisoujouJPN US$ 39.90 1w

Animal Crossing is one network game populated by a large community of people from all ages. People have been moving into it since its debut on Nintendo DS and this migration is still continuing.

The game lulls you into a relaxing mood through its gentle music when you venture into the forests, however, during saturday night fever, you have some hot, fast paced songs brought to you by the popular Tokeke.

Take another step further into Animal Crossing, the soundtrack is available for:

Animal Crossing: City Folk Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 29.99 5-15d

Also in stock today:

Flight Stick EX (Black)JPN N/A sold

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A Ressha de Gyoukou DSJPN US$ 55.90 1w


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