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Solfa Works Best Album (Chronicle ~Supersonic~)

Audio CD
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track listing

1. もっと!イチャ☆LOVEぱらだいす
2. Fancy Game!?
3. プリズム lovely day
4. ましまろホイップ
5. 侵食のサクリファイス
6. 舞影
7. coclea
8. Overload Destiny
9. brand new way
10. 初恋サンカイメ
11. a little hope in my hands
12. 夢色ダイヤリー
13. clearest sky
14. キラ☆キラ☆
15. 急転直下♂はちゃめちゃ♀パラダイス


Music project solfa which has produced many PC game songs released all tie-up album in about one and a half years! Starting with the popular AXL offering songs, Mareru ~ rare. It's the first release of the full version CD from the latest song such as the theme song 'Masumaru Whip', CarolWorks. We are delivering many colorful solfa songs, including the theme song "Successfully Short Rampaging. Happy New Year Paradise" and bootUP! "Okay" the theme song "clearest sky". The jacket illustration is written by Ogino Atsuki.

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