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Something hot - DJ Max Hot Tunes, Revoltech Toro + Kuro Soccer Craze, Yamashita Shunya Dark Phoenix, Nightmare Hoi Hoi-san, K-On! Ritsu + Azusa & more!

The cute and cool characters from DJ Max Portable 1 and 2 are back to sway to your beat! Hot Tunes, the newest game in the DJ Max series collects the top ranking songs from the first two games and upgraded the sound quality with cutting edge technology.

The game is perfect for gamers at all levels of experiences, aside from the large collection of songs, Pentavision introduces a 4 button mode.

While the beginners work their way up, veterans, with their very flexible fingers and keen ear for the rhythm can go straight to the challenging 8 button mode.

Besides fun, the Limited Edition also comes with a lot of classy things. In the engraved wooden box are the Hot Tunes Golden OST and the Piano Collection, a diary for you to note down your progress, 8 mini posters that stars your favorite DJs and two OST booklet posters.

DJ Max Hot Tunes Limited and Regular Editions arrive today. We still have a small quantity of Limited Editions not presold, make up your mind as soon as you can to avoid disappointment:

DJ Max Portable Hot TunesKOR N/Asold
DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes [Limited Edition]KOR N/Asold

For more DJ MAX products available, please view this full list.

World Cup just kick started this summer last week. The fun loving cats Toro and Kuro are here to ride on the soccer craze with you. Complete with the numbered Dokodemoissyo uniforms and shorts, the cats represent the respective sides of their world and are waiting for you to blow the whistle.

10 joints are cleverly distributed along the body of the cats for wacky, but realistic movements. You can attach the ball to the cat's foot to recreate the shooting scenes. There is a secret attachment spot on the ball, so you can stick it to the base or on the figure when you display the more dynamic moves.

It's Toro against Kuro, get both cats for the full match.

Prize Revoltech Costume Series No. 4 Pre-Painted Action Figure: Toro (Soccer Version)JPN N/Asold
Prize Revoltech Costume Series No. 4 Pre-Painted Action Figure: Kuro (Soccer Version)JPN N/Asold

Born from the flames, Dark Phoenix is here to wreak havoc. Based on Yamashita Shunya's version of the Marvel heroine, this figure perfectly captures the fiery hot lady and her seductive powers.

The base and the hair are both sculpted with semi-transparent materials, shine a light on her to create the burning effect. But the fire is not the hottest thing about her, her smoldering gaze and her proportional body is. The graceful, dance-like posture further accentuates her body lines.

Dark Phoenix has arrived today, clear a spot under the lights for her:

X-Men Marvel Bishoujo Collection 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Statue: Dark PhoenixJPN N/Asold

Here is another version of Hoi Hoi-san, with crimson eyes and a black dress, the tiny bug killer looked even more evil than usual. Here is a version with extra teeth, take her home for more protection against pests. Original decor from the old Hoi Hoi-san comes in the package, so you can heap her in cute things.

This Nightmare version comes with extra face parts and hair parts, change her appearance whenever you like. Her outfit are exchangeable with the other Hoi Hoi-sans in your collection, so more fun to you loyal collectors.

Build your very own pest killer today:

Ichigekisacchu Hoihoisan Legacy 1/1 Scale Pre-Painted Plastic Model Figure: Colorful HoiHoi-sanJPN N/Asold

Following Yui and Mio into the Banpresto studio is Tainaka Ritsu, the leader and drummer of the K-On! band. Banpresto captures the girl's bold personality down to pat. With hands on her hips and a confident smile on her face, she's going to lead her band to the Budoukan by sheer energy and will.

Coming with Ritsu is the youngest and newest band member - Nakano Azusa, the second guitarist and band mascot. Although she is one of the more talented players, she is also quite easily flustered. Clutching at the hem of her vest with a nervous expression, Azunyan display her jumpy cuteness.

Set at lower prices, but still very realistic, the Banpresto figures are perfect for casual collectors:

K-On! Pre-Painted Figure: Ritsu Tainaka (Banpresto Version)JPN N/Asold
K-On! Pre-Painted Figure: Azusa Nakano (Banpresto Version)JPN N/Asold

Based on the moon princess from the Japanese folk tale, Houraisan Kaguya is one of the pretty girls in the shooter Touhou Project. Loyal to the legend, she is here to give you her five quizzes, as shown by the fruits on the branch she holds.

Her package comes with her four treasures - the fire fur, Buddha's tea bowl, the dragon's jade and the swallow's shell. For a better view at her skirt, you can display her with her arms open.

Also coming from the moon is the strategist and archer Eirin Yagokoro. Smiling serenely, but with her bow and arrows in her hand, the silver haired beauty is every bit the guardian of the princess. The constellation signs on her dress represent her wisdom, and going against her means going against the whole of heaven.

The moon princess and her guardian have arrived, take them home today:

Touhou Project 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kaguya HouraisanJPN N/Asold
Touhou Project 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Eirin YagokoroJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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