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Product Features

  • Requires PlayStation Camera & Move and these are not included!
  • Cast extraordinary magic, brew enchanted elixirs, solve ingenious puzzles and combat the minions of darkness
  • Get closer to the action than ever before. With the PlayStation Move motion controller, you hold the apprentice's weapon in your hands. Cast powerful spells, conjure storms, unleash walls of living fire, and transform into magical creatures. Then combine your spells for even more power. The possibilities are endless!
  • Start from humble farm boy beginnings, with only a small arsenal of magic at your disposal to an unstoppable magic force! Restore your ransacked tower and begin to build immense wealth for your treasure room
  • Take on quests and adventure throughout the dark and dangerous Faerie Kingdom. Rescue children kidnapped from their beds and taken into the Realms Below, recover ancient lost knowledge from the City of the Drowned, or embark on quests to aid the local Townsfolk

Item Description

The Nightmare Queen has broken the ancient pact with mankind and threatens to cover the land in eternal night. As a young sorcerer's apprentice, it is up to you to master the arcane arts and drive back the Queen’s foul minions. Using the PlayStation®Move motion controller, SorceryTM puts the wand in your hand, letting you conjure and command powerful magic as you brave the deep dark of the Faerie Kingdoms. Experience a world of magic and wonder steeped in Irish folklore tradition. Live the epic magical adventure with the PlayStation®Move.With over 12 upgradeable spells, hundreds of unique potions and countless items to discover and collect, SorceryTM immerses players in a unique fantasy story, like never before. Along their journey, players will encounter a multitude enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, mix and create unique potions, learn and craft new spells and heal a broken world shrouded in Darkness.

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It;s a great game
Great fun game for everyone
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Good game for PS Move
Takes some time to get used to the move controls, but this a good game for PS Move. I can recommend this
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Make Move Your Wand
I have to say I don't have too many games for PS Move, but this one it is so good and fun do play! It feels like you're a wizard trying to cast spells through the game. You can awake your childhood again. Make it happen!
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If you have PS Move u should have it
Make me feel like wizard
Like the Idea that you move by PS navi
But sometime it confuse n now I get use to it
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This is a good game for move but it has lot of problems which doesnt make it really fun to play.camera issues, aiming issues, too many small enemies, take the fun away and after a while your hands ache. This is a good move game, makes use of the move innovatively, very good move tricks during gameplay, but cant play for a long time
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