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Soubee Amako Art Works

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Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works
Soubee Amako Art Works


Includes about 1,270 manga manuscripts, color original drawings, and 11 newly drawn characters, including the original manga "Rakudai Ninja Rantaro" from the anime "Nintama Rantaro"! The author talks about episodes related to the work.

This book spelled out in the author's own words while tracing the "original picture" and "manuscript" of the work drawn by Soubee Amako. Approximately 1,270 original drawings, manuscripts, and materials are included, including works drawn during school days and newcomer manga artists.

■ The road to becoming a cartoonist The character of a cheerful ambition and optimist paves the way
Introducing manga and sketches drawn from junior high school to high school, and manga manuscripts such as the manga artist's debut work "Countryside Oshiryo Family". Note that "history" has been the subject since that time.

■ The story of Ninjutsu Academy that began with a newspaper serialization that walks with Rantaro
In addition to the 33-year serialization, we will introduce episodes related to animation, movies, and musicals from 1985, following the ages. Excerpts from the manga manuscript from the beginning of the serialization of "Rakudai Ninja Rantaro" (Asahi Elementary School Newspaper) and the original drawings of all 65 volumes of Asahi Comics (Asahi Shimbun Publishing).

■ The color world of Soubee Amako traced in the original picture
For the first time, the author explains the motif of the cover binding of Asahi Comics in "Ochi / Ran". In addition, we will introduce a number of colorful original drawings drawn with precious, unique and unique sensibilities of works other than picture book series, calendars, commemorative goods, New Year's cards and "Ochi / Ran" with episodes.

■ Draw the customs of Edo
"Rakugo Nagaya" is a reading series based on Edo Rakugo. The original illustrations of Edo Rakugo are posted along with the episodes.

■ Interview with Soubee Amako I want to hear more!
In addition to his attitude as a writer and his feelings for the work, an interview with a private story.

■ "Soubee Amako Works" binding picture
This book binding picture newly drawn. "Rantaro / Kirimaru / Shinbei Hanashita Yukakuzu" "Sixth Grade Nanban Costume Nozu" "Denko and Hansuke Yuri Transformation Figure". The 11 characters are the first public works that the author took time to devise a concept from the fall of 2020.

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