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Space Channel 5

Compatible with Dreamcast™ (DC™)

For PAL systems only.
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Space Channel 5
Space Channel 5
Space Channel 5
Space Channel 5


  • Stunning graphics with a retro-futuristic motif.
  • Groovy soundtracks featuring a range of artists.
  • 78 unique characters, complete with their own bios and galactic moves.
  • Multiple hidden levels and mini-quests for replay value.
  • Hip, eye-catching dance moves.
  • Controls remain simple though the beat becomes increasingly complex.
  • Camera movements match up perfectly with the onscreen dance troupe.


When the Morolians invade, ace reporter Ulala scoops the story for Space Channel 5. The hip-hopping aliens zap citizens INTO a hypnotic dance trance, but beat girl Ulala is their ultimate match. So they challenge her to a dance battle, and she busts out her grooviest moves to free the captives. This funky dance title looks out of this world on Dreamcast, with real-time rendered dancers and detailed, streaming backgrounds. Its retro-futuristic flavor adds even more cool to the technicolor visuals. As you tune in to the infectious beat, Space Channel 5's simple controls get you boogying along with the party. Get down with our supernova star as she struts through the space station in style!

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