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SR-71 Blackbird (DVD-ROM)

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
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SR-71 Blackbird (DVD-ROM)
SR-71 Blackbird (DVD-ROM)


  • The exterior bristles with animations and accurate detail
  • There are opening cockpit canopies, the distinctive three-wheel landing gear and even the Blackbird's trademark dripping fuel is modelled
  • The accurate flight model reflects the SR-71's ability to approach Mach 3 and glide through the stratosphere
  • Extensive detail modelling and animation including brake 'chute, afterburners and Heads Up Display
  • Seven different SR-71 liveries are included any colour you like as long as it's black!


Developed by PILOT'S, SR-71 Blackbird is a faithful re-creation for Flight Simulator 2004 of the most amazing aircraft ever to take flight. Fast? The SR-71 certainly was! How about New York to London in under two hours and London to LA in less time than it takes to drive from London to Manchester? The Blackbird remains in the record books to this day and it's unlikely that an aeroplane will ever be built that goes any faster. SR-71 Blackbird is heading for FS2004 and now simulated pilots will have a chance to join aviation's elite and approach 3000mph at 85,000 feet.

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