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Start Your Journey Fighting the Devils in Demons Age

Start Your Journey Fighting the Devils in Demons Age

When evil returns, your journey begins. Start your journey and fight the devils. Pre-order your Demons Age now.

Demons Age (PlayStation 4™, EUR)US$ 44.99 pre
Demons Age (Xbox One™, EUR)US$ 44.99 pre

Demons Age is an RPG which combines the classic turn-based RPG plus the modern graphics as well as the intense atmosphere of the game. The game took place in Moragon, a fictional peninsula, which was once again invaded by demons.

The Peninsula of Moragon has been swept by the corrupted soldiers of the "Order" together with demons and orcs. They have been violently evading the Moragan with a bloody battle against dwarves, elves, halflings, and men.

The adventure of the game begins as the players are washed ashore on the coast of the Moragon. With the ruins of the place, the players became intrigued with so much tragedy and betrayal. The very first task of the players is to set up their character. Deeper into the game, players will have the chance of hiring a party of different characters that will help them on their journey.

Having your own party has its own pros and cons. Each of the hired characters has their own back stories and secrets. Hence, it is very important to choose your party to avoid potential betrayals.

  • Select your character from different races and classes
  • Look around for Inns to hire a party of diverse characters to help you on your quests
  • However be careful…each character you hire has their background story and their own agenda. They may be loyal or they can betray you
  • Look for side quests in the Inn’s notice boards
  • Explore the ruins and dungeons of the old kingdom of Moragon
  • Find and equip weapons and manage your inventory
  • Solve puzzles to progress on your adventure
  • Unveil the secrets behind the mysterious event that has taken over the kingdom
  • Travel through Moragon and experience the day/night cycle
  • Rest your team using the existing Inns or campsites
  • Be prepared for random encounters during night or day
  • Bring your enemies down in turn-based combat
  • Level up your character and party to unlock better skills and/or spells


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