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Storming back: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Demon Gaze, Vampire Resurrection, Musou Orochi 2 Hyper & more! - in New Games available for Pre-Ordering!

Welcome to our Weekly Pre-order Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Lightning Returns, she has thirteen days to save the world. Beside a crumbling world, you have to face the demon menace in Demon Gaze, meet head on with the bloodsuckers in Vampire Resurrection and fight a massive war in Musou Orochi 2 Hyper.

When Lightning wakes up on a stretch of island on Pulse, the world is counting down towards oblivion. With her magic, her power and her determination, she has to prevent the world from shattering in thirteen days.

The gameplay is expected to become even more action based. Commands can be mapped to the buttons so that skills and magic can be executed seamlessly. And within these thirteen days, every action Lightning is involved in might change the course of destiny. And even though she might be alone on her mission this time, Hope, her long time partner is still her support.

Lightning Returns is coming in 2013:


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIUS US$ 29.99


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIUS US$ 14.99

Kadokawa and Experience studios are going to bring a new face to Dungeon RPGs. Demon Gaze combines exciting battles, eerie labyrinths and blood boiling scenes together. The gamer becomes the owner of the third eye. These chosen warriors have the power to subdue demons and recruit them into their stable.

With your team of demons, set out to the labyrinths of Misrid to carry out missions. Demons have specific powers, and can be very useful during battle, however, be careful, because they can go berserk and attack your comrades. And besides battling monsters, you also have to brave the heart pounding naughty events that the girls involve you in.

Demon Gaze is coming to PS Vita gamers in January 2013:

Demon GazeJPN US$ 104.90

The vampires are resurrected. Capcom's stellar arcade fighter Vampire Hunter and Vampire Saber are grouped into one game and released for the PlayStation3. The graphics are upgraded to HD quality, so the jagged lines seen in the old console versions will be gone, replaced by smoother lines, and an online fight mode is installed.

The developers will also be including many additions. The gamer can choose to view the game from different angles, from the old school gamers to those who want the most authentic arcade experience, this resurrection is going to satisfy all. And as the gamers fight through the different stages, they can unlock artwork to stock up their gallery.

Vampires come back in February 2013:

Vampire ResurrectionJPN US$ 89.99

The warriors from the sengoku and sangoku eras are coming together once again to pit themselves against the ambitions of the serpent king and his underlings. Musou Orochi 2 is another game that's going to come out on the the Nintendo Wii U release date. Engage in battle and witness the power of the Wii U.

The new additions include the battle card system. Execute the powers of the battle cards and give your warriors a status boost, add elemental damage to their attacks or give your enemies undesired conditions. The different battle locations can also give alter the outcome of the battle drastically.

The US version is coming in November and the Japanese version is coming in December:

Musou Orochi 2 HyperJPN US$ 24.99
Warriors Orochi 3 HyperUS US$ 12.99


Young Justice: LegacyUSNov 19, 2013US$ 22.99
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIUSFeb 11, 2014US$ 29.99


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Young Justice: LegacyUSNov 19, 2013US$ 25.99
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIUSFeb 11, 2014US$ 14.99


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Nintendo Wii U

Chemical Spillage SimulatorUSJun 14, 2013US$ 19.99
The Family Party (Simple Series for Wii U Vol. 1)JPNDec 20, 2012US$ 27.99
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013USDec 04, 2012US$ 26.99

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Nintendo Wii

Inazuma Eleven Go: Strikers 2013JPNDec 20, 2012US$ 72.99


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Nintendo 3DS

Neratte! Tobashite! Rilakkuma Guragura Sweets TowerJPNDec 13, 2012US$ 39.99
Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero 3D Narita with ANAJPNDec 20, 2012N/A
Oshare De Kawaii Koinu To Asobo! -Umi Hen-JPNDec 20, 2012US$ 34.99
Oshigoto Theme Park 2JPNDec 20, 2012US$ 29.99


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Nintendo DS

Young Justice: LegacyUSNov 19, 2013N/A


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PC Game

Battleship & Risk (DVD-ROM)USNov 13, 2012US$ 24.90
Monopoly And Life (DVD-ROM)USNov 13, 2012US$ 24.90
Vacation Quest: Italy (DVD-ROM)USNov 13, 2012US$ 24.90

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