Super Donkey Kong 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

Compatible with Super Famicom™ / SNES™ (SNES)

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Classic, best game! New
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Super Donkey Kong 3 was way fun!
Super Donkey Kong 3 was way good and kept me busy for a while. Since I owned the American version, I already knew the game inside and out. I prefer the second over the third, but this one was still pretty good.

The graphics in the Donkey Kong series were always ahead of their time. It's like Nintendo Gamecube graphics, but always shown in the 2-D side. I guess this is one of the games where all sprites were 3-D rendered. The characters move very smoothly, the backgrounds are very well drawn and colored and is very appealing to look at.

The controls were perfect! The controls are very responsive and and are very easy to get used to. You use 'Y' to run and 'B' to jump. 'A' does the tag team thing. If you are controlling Dixie and have Kiddy jump on you, you can't throw very far, but Kiddy can break the ground sometimes. If Kiddy picks up Dixie, she can be thrown quite far like in #2.

The sounds and music were all very appropriate for this game. I didn't much like the soundtrack like I did in #2, but the sound track is still good. All the ambiances and noises were pretty good which do a really good job of bringing you into the game like you are really there.

The gameplay itself and story was pretty good too. The stage designs were all unique and never felt like I was repeating the same stage twice. The industrial levels all looked really cool and all had some cool backgrounds and elements to dodge like the targeting owls and such. The map screen was more interactive and free-roaming than it was in SDK #2. The story was a direct continuation from its ending in Super Donkey Kong 2. The map screen starts off on the cliff where Diddy, Dixie, and Donkey Kong were watching K. Rool sail away and became K. Roolenstein.

There are a number of bonuses, secrets and codes to keep you entertained for quite a while. Most levels have 1 or more bonuses that give you bonus tokens to complete the lost world. The only way to complete the lost world is by finding all the bonus levels and beating all the areas you can visit to have your final showdown against K. Roolenstein in the center of the lost world.

This game in my opinion wasn't as good as Super Donkey Kong 2, but is definitely one f the best Donkey Kong games you can get! I highly recommend this game for any Nintendo or Donkey Kong fan!!!
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Great price, just as much fun as when it was released. As usual great packaging and fast delivery thanks play-asia.
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Great game
Great graphics, awesome soundtrack and I got a new copy really cheap, only $19.90. I love Super Donkey Kong series :)
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