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Super Sonico Joins the Summer Fun in Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash!!

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash
Marvelous Entertainment | PlayStation®4 | Genre: Third-person shooter
Release date: March 16, 2017 - Japan
 / NA & EU - Summer 2017

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 59.99 24h

A while back it was reported that NitroPlus' very own mascot Super Sonico would be joining Marvelous Entertainment's Senran Kagura water gun summer fun spin-off Peach Beach Splash! Now her DLC pack is out as well as more new content! Let's take a look at what's new!

Super Sonico

Super Sonico is now available for purchase as a playable character from the Japan PlayStation Store. Her DLC set will cost 700 yen and will come included with her Aquarius costume, Super Sonico Kokeshi doll, supporter fan, her character flag, and avatar icon.

Japanese Style Weapon Set

A new weapon skin set has been released as well giving all the weapons a more Japanese aesthetic. The weapons include the "Huawei Fire Bottle Rocket", "Water Balloon Grenade", "Soy Sauce Entertainment Assault", "Denden Taiko Spray", "Tank and Puppet Showers", "Omikuji Gatling", "Twin Lanterns", "Single Bamboo Water Gun", "Oshi shot", and the "Shamisen Sniper". The complete DLC set costs 1200 yen on the Japan PlayStation Store

Wet Transparent Costume Set #2Costume set #4

Two new costume sets are also available!

The first one is part of the "Wet Clothing Costume" series and includes the "Sportswear" costume, "High-cut swimsuit", "Floral Swimsuit", and "Tennis Wear" costume. The full set cost 1000 Yen on the Japan PlayStation Store.

Next, is Costume set #4 which comes with two new costumes, the "Pari Pidress" and "Sexy Open Dress". The full set cost 500 Yen on the Japan PlayStation Store.

That's everything for the new DLC! Now let's learn more about the participants in the Peach Beach Splash tournament. Today we'll learn about including the Mikagura Sisters, an eternal being and her protector, and Sonico herself!

Super Sonico (Voiced by Ayano Yamamoto)

Birthday: October 14 
Age: 18 years 
Blood type: A type 
Height: 158 cm
Three sizes B: 90 W: 57 H: 87 
Hobbies: bathing, playing with her cat, playing guitar
Favorite food: Pork Ramen, Macaroon

A gravure model, musician, and student. Debuted as a mascot girl of PC game maker Nitroplus' live event "NITRO SUPER SONIC". Currently, she works extensively with gravure models, musicians, gamers, all while working as an active college student. She's part of the three girl band "First Astronomical Velocity" and the band's front-woman on the guitar. Her Nickname in the band is "Nico-chan". 

Apparently, she was entered into the Peach Beach Splash tournament under the assumption it was a gravure job, but she is still working hard to win despite the mix-up.

Renka (Voiced by Minami Tsuda)

Birthday: July 20 
Age: 18 years 
Blood type: A type 
Height: 168 cm
Three sizes B: 93 W: 58 H: 82 
Hobbies: Japanese drums / Noodle Beating
Food: Anything spicy

The eldest daughter of the three Mikagura Sisters. She's never one to hesitate to get involved if there's trouble. A girl who loves festivals and making them more interesting even if it becomes annoying. She always tries to be dignified and dislikes lazy people.

Hanabi (Voiced by Sora Tokui)

Birthday: October 10 
Age: 17 years 
Blood type: O type 
Height: 163 cm
Three sizes B: 96 W: 57 H: 84 
Hobby: Huge fireworks displays
favorite food: Somen (fine white noodles)

The middle daughter of the three Mikagura Sisters. An athletic girl who's not one for subtlety in her thinking, only able to think in a straightforward manner. Asking her hard questions may cause her head to explode. Although she's not the smartest shinobi around, she's very handy with gunpowder.

Kafuru (Voiced by Shiori Izawa)

Birthday: May 5 
Age: 16 years 
Blood type: B type 
Height : 152 cm
Three sizes B: 73 W: 52 H: 60 
Hobby: Studying
Favorite food: Popsicles

The youngest daughter of the three Mikagura Sisters. She often speaks to others in a condescending manner, riling them up. Loves to argue as a means of proving her superior intellect. She has a chest that’s neither big nor particularly small.

Kagura (Voiced by Yuki Matsuoka)

Birthday: Unknown (September 22?) 
Age: Unknown 
Blood type: Unknown 
Height: 173 cm
Three Sizes B: 95 W: 55 H: 87 
Hobbies: Unknown 
Favorite Food: Unknown

A girl who repeatedly reincarnates every 100 years solely to eradicate Yōma. Records of her date back as far as 900 years. Naraku is her only true friend.

Naraku (Voiced by Yuuko Kaida)

Birthday: July 15 
Age: 16 years 
Blood type: O type 
Height: 151 cm
Three size B: 91 W: 56 H: 82 s
Hobbies: None 
My favorite food: Strawberries

Kagura's guardian. Her only mission in life to serve, protect, and nurture Kagura. She's also very happy that Kagura considers her her only true friend.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash was released in Japan on March 16th, 2017. Western releases for will be launching this summer!

(Big thanks to dualSHOCKERS!)

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 59.99 24h
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash [Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack] (PlayStation 4™, JPN) sold

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