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Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Region Free
USD 0.00
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Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital
Survive Me Miolhr STEAM digital


  • 600+ Items! Coal, Shotgun, Mushroom Soup, First Aid and more
  • 100 + Weapons! Tools, Magic, Spears, Guns and more
  • 100+ Clothing! Armor, Shirts, Boots, Caps, Belts and more
  • 40+ Quest 20 Multi-Use Quest
  • 5 Biomes to Explore
  • Multiple Enemy types including Zombies, Animals and Looters to fend off
  • 6 DoJo's to Conquer
  • Loot random locations from Med Centers, Homes, Weapon Shops to Delis
  • Crafting System that allows you to create food, Weapons and more
  • Safe houses to stay in or Create your own home base
  • Make a Campfire and cook or Breakdown Items to make more Useful Items
  • Uses Cages and Traps to catch wild animals and Cook, Skin or Train them
  • Find other survivors and complete quest for them to get them to join you
  • Be warned not all Team Members will work well together which may effect Disposition
  • Air Drops! Effect amount of Drops in an Area
  • Visitor Breaking in! Zombies, Animals, or Looters
  • Chances of Finding Rare Items, Power Outage, Pipes not to work! No Water
  • Chances of getting a Cut or getting a Sprains! Environment Chances which effects Miolhria in many ways! and more
  • Coming Soon Environmental Situations Wind Storms may have a Chance of causing a Tornado, More to Come. Stay Tuned


Save the World of Miolhria from the 6 overpowered DoJo Sensei's and all other challenges as you make your way through each Biome. Battle tons of Zombies, Bandits, and Animals along the way! Thankfully, you are not alone in your plight. There are others in the same situation. Will you survive?

Long ago the Scientist of Miolhria worked on a cure for the multiple illnesses of their time. One of these "Cures" had horrible side effects turning man into Z's. This cause Havoc and Chaos all over Miolhria.

Miolhriankind's last hope was left with this same scientist who continued to experiment with the Virus which changed so many of the Miolhrians into these Z's.

(As you can tell not all of the People of Miolhria were Genuses.)

After years of experimentation and luck, a second cure was found but didn't work as they expected. Side effect from the second "Cure" allowed some people of Miolhria to Control Elemental Skills. These People were called Users. Elemental type(s) are Fire, Water, Poison, and Ice.

(User is people with the ability to control Element Powers.)

After years of training, the Top Users created DoJo's to train and perfected their talents.

Years later Z's stated to build immunities and split off into 3 forms. Poison. Blazing. Earth!

This also allowed them to use these skills.

At the same time, the User trained developed 2 New Skills. Physical and Tool. With these 6 Skills, the World of Miolhria was balanced for a short time.

DoJo Sensei's started to develop Dual User abilities. This was mostly through their training. This gave them the ability to control 2 Elements at once. For years DoJo leaders ruled the lands of Miolhria.

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