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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - More Info To Curb Your Appetite

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
PlayStation®4/PlayStation®Vita | Release Date: Oct 27, 2016 (JP); Nov 2016 (US/EU)

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 66.99 24h
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 44.99 24h
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (English Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA)US$ 44.99 24h
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (English Subs) (PlayStation Vita, ASIA) sold

With the soon-to-be release date for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization looming over us, it's hard to stay calm when Bandai Namco releases even more information to tease us with! This batch of goodies details a bit about the latest characters, NPCs, and more!

One of the new characters is Yuuki. Despite her cute appearance, she is a highly trained Sword Skill user. She goes by the nickname "Absolute Sword". Like Kirito and the others, she participated in the beta test for "Sword Art: Origin". She uses a one-handed sword in SA:O and fights together with them. Apparently, there might be a Pillow Talk scene with her in the game.

There are also different types of characters/units in this game, and how they're identified in the game is different. Other players that are logged in to Sword Art: Origin are indicated by a green cursor over their heads. This will include characters like Asuna, Leafa, and others. If they die out in the field, they are able to resurrect with "return by death". Other AI characters created in the SA:O system that can be recruited to your party as party members are indicated by a yellow cursor over their head. Each and every one of these NPCs are unique, and if they die they cannot return. Lastly, nameless NPCs are assigned to roles when they're created by the game system. They cannot be recruited into your party. When an AI player that has a role such as a shop assistant dies, they are replaced by these nameless NPCs.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will be released on the PS4 and PS Vita on October 27th, 2016! Seriously, I can't wait to play. It looks like so much fun! Read more about it here in our previous news!

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