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Swords and alchemy - Bleach: Soul Ignition, Meruru no Atelier, Gloria Union, Battlefield 3 & more! - in New Games for Preorder!

Welcome to our Weekly Preorder Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Take a glimpse into this summer season's fun. Bleach cast debuts on the PlayStation3, come meet them in Soul Ignition, summer school opens to aspiring alchemists, join Meruru in her Atelier. Blue skies and seas are summer must-haves, become a pirate in Gloria Union to search for the energy crystals.

Pick up your zanpakuto and venture into the world of the dead. The door to the Bleach universe opens on your wide, HD TV screen. With the PlayStation3 capabilities, the spectacular scenes and the killer moves blend in to a seamless sequence, bringing gamers into a flurry of action.

Soul Ignition includes the Arrancar arc and even more characters than the previous Bleach games. The easy to control system allows beginner Shinigami's to bankai their zanpakuto and unleash the massively damaging attacks.

Studio Pierrot produced a new opening, so get your heart pumping from the moment your start your game.

Angels of death comes in June:

Bleach: Soul IgnitionJPN N/A

Meruru is the princess of Arus, a little kingdom situated in the far north of the Arland republic. When her father and the grand duke Gio discussed the merging of the two lands, she met Totori, the now graduated alchemist. Dazzled by the power of alchemy, and with the desire to help her country prosper, she came under Totori as her first student.

Get recipes from the shops and from the books, then head off to the forests and unexplored areas in search for materials. Meet the important characters to further the plot and recruit them into your team.

The colors, the fairy tale atmosphere and the girls are back. Join Meruru on your adventures. Meruru's alchemy class starts this June:

Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3JPN US$ 64.99
Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 [Premium Box]JPN US$ 169.99

Set off on a voyage this summer and grasp the Will power in your hand. The spiritual successor to Yggdra Union, Gloria Union will sail gamers through the seven seas in search of the crystals that embody all the energy in the lost kingdom of Euphoria.

Besides the original swordsmen, bowmen and lancers, the game adds a vast amount of regiments and tactical cards. So be ready to give your armies special powers. Even the pirate ship is part of your arsenal of weapons, sail it into enemy territories and start your pillage.

There is more than power hidden under the depths of the sea, sink in to find the treasures this June.

Gloria UnionJPN US$ 55.99

The battle extends beyond the land, pilot your fighter jets when you make war. Battlefield 3 introduces gamers to the Frostbite 2 system where the animation, lighting and game system blends together seamlessly, transporting you from the safety of your home to the ruined landscapes in the game.

Fan favorites such as the prone position and the 64 multi-player game mode comes back to the PC. Gamers playing on their consoles get involved in 24 multi-player game modes and jet planes that can fly beyond the map boundaries.

Come to the battlefield this winter, the game comes in June:

Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition)US N/A

Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition)US US$ 73.90

PC Game
Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition) (DVD-ROM)US N/A

Xbox360™ (5)

Fantastic PetsASIAApr 12, 2011N/A
RioASIAApr 12, 2011N/A
Power Smash 4JPNJun 30, 2011US$ 38.90
Battlefield 3USOct 27, 2011N/A
Phantom BreakerASIAJun 02, 2011N/A


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PlayStation3™ (10)

MadagascarASIAMay 23, 2005US$ 21.99
Sengoku Basara 3 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNJun 02, 2011US$ 19.99
Bleach: Soul IgnitionJPNJun 23, 2011N/A
Mass Effect 2JPNJun 23, 2011US$ 40.99
Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3JPNJun 23, 2011US$ 64.99
Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 [Premium Box]JPNJun 23, 2011US$ 169.99
Initial D Extreme Stage (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNJun 30, 2011US$ 25.99
Power Smash 4JPNJun 30, 2011N/A
Senjou no Valkyria (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNJun 30, 2011US$ 42.99
Battlefield 3USOct 27, 2011N/A


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Nintendo™ Wii (4)

Pandora’s Tower: Until I Return to Your SideJPNMay 26, 2011US$ 85.99
Sengoku Basara 3 (Best Price)JPNJun 02, 2011US$ 33.99
Sengoku Basara 3 [Classic Black Controller Pro Pack] (Best Price)JPNJun 02, 2011N/A
Sengoku Basara 3 [Classic White Controller Pro Pack] (Best Price)JPNJun 02, 2011N/A


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Nintendo™ 3DS (1)

Fish Eyes 3DJPNJun 23, 2011US$ 39.90


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Sony™ PSP (7)

Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume (Charity Edition)JPNMay 12, 2011N/A
Gloria UnionJPNJun 23, 2011US$ 55.99
Steins;GateJPNJun 23, 2011US$ 61.99
Steins;Gate [Limited Edition]JPNJun 23, 2011US$ 159.90
Elminage III: Ankoku no Shito to Yaiyou no KyuudenJPNAug 04, 2011US$ 58.99
Initial D Street Stage (PSP the Best)JPNJun 30, 2011US$ 59.99
Madden NFL 12USSep 01, 2011N/A


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PC Game (2)

Call of Juarez: The Cartel (DVD-ROM)USSep 16, 2011US$ 2.99
Battlefield 3 (DVD-ROM)USOct 25, 2011N/A


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