04. Apr, 2017 20:28 (HKT)

Syberia 3 - The Story Continues...

Syberia 3

PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox™ONE | Release Date: April 20, 2017

The ambitious lawyer Kate Walker has returned.

Helped by the Youkol, a nomad community who saved her from certain death, Kate must escape from her enemies, and find a way to continue the voyage through an enchanting and vast land, in search of the legendary island of Syberia.

This traditional point-and-click adventure game is the first of the series developed in full 3D, the Unity engine provides a new dynamic camera, and this means that players must solve more intricated puzzles within an improved, and more believable world.

The Syberia series is a cult classic, and this third episode takes the series towards new heights. You'll find intrigue, puzzles, and drama. Hunt for precious relics, or listen the stories of told by the game’s eccentric characters. Its steampunk-esque world welcomes you in a fabulous, and exceptionally immersive new adventure created by Benoit Sokal.

Are you smart enough to solve the mysteries that will unveil a long-forgotten universe?
Discover it with Syberia 3!

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Syberia 3 (PlayStation 4™, EUR)US$ 19.99 24h
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