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Taiko No Tatsujin RPG?! Ehhh?

Nintendo 3DS™ [Rhythm Based RPG] Release: (JPN) June 16, 2016

Already a literal smash hit at arcades, Taiko No Tatsujin's new spin-off brings the series in a different direction, and completely unexpected at that. By focusing on the mascot characters and incorporating a robust RPG adventure over classic rhythmic gameplay, Taiko No Tatsujin Dokodon! Mystery Adventure is Namco Bandai's newest title for the 3DS!

The biggest draw, aside from a 70+ song repitoire that features classic songs to the latest hits in 2015 and 2016, including notable tracks from the popular franchises like Yo-kai Watch, One Piece, Pokemon, Assassination Classroom, Doraemon, Kirby, Monster Hunter, and more is the aforementioned adventure mode. Players will be entering a wide variety of dungeons inspired by real world mystery spots like Easter Island, Antarctica, and more, with story progression forwarded through musical performance taiko battles.

In these battles, the control is just the same for anyone who's played a Taiko game, with the objective of hitting the rhythm markers to the beat, however each successive hit now registers as damage to enemies; mistakes and missed hits will of course display as damage to the player. As each song has a time limit, battles become a bit more intense, especially when enemies will find ways to distract the rhythm with visual obstructions on the markers - you really have to feel the beat in this case and finish each battle on time.

Battles will also be done with an 8V8 style, and players can collect, customize, and level up their allies; there are also over 100 monsters to find, fight, recruit, and there's even a combination evolution mechanic for those who'd like to experiment for stronger allies. As there are even aspects like formation and range with ally placement, this will be essential during tough boss fights.

For veterans to the series, aside from all these new features, two distinct elements come into play. The first is the Drum Magic for use in battles much like a limit break, and the second are the "Clash Notes," where player and enemy must risk it all by touching the screen consecutively in tense timing battle with the loser suffering great damage. 

Of course, finally, aside from the single player RPG adventure, a whole wealth of multiplayer modes are available, from cooperative, competitive, and even download play!

And for those who'd just like to play through the tracks traditionally, there's also a performance mode, whether to practice the songs, or just enjoy the music! 

While there's a lot to love about Video Games, it's moments like this that we can really appreciate. Amongst all the huge releases, the triple A titles, and rehashes of genre norms, when you have a cross-over like this, even for the novelty, it's worth a definite shot :D
Taiko no Tatsujin Dokodon! Mystery Adventure (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN) US$ 44.99 1-5d

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