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Take off to the skies: Megumi Nakajima - Try Unite & Hello, Azusa - Check My Soul, Hatsune Miku and Hachioji - Electric Love & more! - in Weekly Music and Movies Update!

Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Play-Asia.com.

Megumi Nakajima once again contributes her voice and her song to a robot series. Rinne no Lagrange is a story of three girls trying to defend the sea against extraterrestrial foes. The stylish anime flies watchers from the classroom to the streets of Chiba and then right up to the stars.

Like the anime, Megumi Nakajima's soaring voice takes listeners beyond the skies. The drums bring out a strong, distinctive beat while her crystalline clear voice rises higher and higher. And after hearing her sing, its time to see her dance, catch Megumi swaying to her music in the music video of Try Unite in the CD+DVD Limited Edition.

Check My Soul introduces listeners to the sunny school yard in Amagami. The theme song of the series is a bouncy tune, and Azusa's voice has an innocent sweetness to it. It is young-sounding, but at the same time very strong and melodious, it is the perfect voice to bring out the mood in the Amagami series.

Hatsune Miku's dance tunes have been a huge hit the moment they appeared in the video sharing sites. The composer Hachioji immediately becomes one of the top Vocaloid composers. Electric Love is his major debut, he selected all his best pieces into the album. Familiar hits from Miku Miku Dance such as Sweet Devil and Electric Love are collected with brand new songs.

For the DVD in the CD+DVD Limited Edition, Hachioji join forces with Wakamura to bring in some Miku Miku Dance video clips.

J-Pop Music releases (60)

30th Anniversary Special Package Hotei Memorial Super Box [21SHM-CD+6LP+2DVD+Hard Cover Book] (~Tomoyasu Hotei)JPNUS$ 489.90
Amanojaku (~Mayumi Morinaga)JPNUS$ 12.90
Beginning (~Ayaka)JPNN/A
Chotomate Kudasai (~S/mileage)JPNUS$ 9.90
Chotomate Kudasai [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~S/mileage)JPNUS$ 15.90
Chotomate Kudasai [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~S/mileage)JPNUS$ 15.90
Chotomate Kudasai [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type C] (~S/mileage)JPNUS$ 15.90
Chotomate Kudasai [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type D] (~S/mileage)JPNUS$ 9.90
Electric Love [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Hachiouji P)JPNN/A
Electric Love [CD+DVD] (~Hachiouji P)JPNUS$ 28.90
Everybody Jump [CD+DVD Jacket B] (~Super Girls)JPNUS$ 36.90
Everybody Jump [CD+DVD Limited Edition Jacket A] (~Super Girls)JPNUS$ 67.90
Everybody Jump [Jacket C] (~Super Girls)JPNUS$ 23.90
First Message [Limited Pressing] (~Ayaka)JPNUS$ 19.90
Fukanzen Beautyfool Days (~Sug)JPNUS$ 14.90
Fukanzen Beautyfool Days [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (~Sug)JPNN/A
Fukanzen Beautyfool Days [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type B] (~Sug)JPNUS$ 18.90
Fukanzen Beautyfool Days [Limited Edition Type C] (~Sug)JPNUS$ 10.90
Furyo Club (~Crazy Ken Band)JPNUS$ 9.90
Hosotsubo Motoyoshi In Yaon Yume No Tsuzuki Wo Hajimeyo (~Motoyoshi Mosotsubo)JPNUS$ 47.90
Ivy (~Nocturnal Bloodlust)JPNN/A
Japonesque (~Kumi Koda)JPNUS$ 29.90
Japonesque [CD+2DVD Limited Edition] (~Kumi Koda)JPNN/A
Japonesque [CD+DVD] (~Kumi Koda)JPNUS$ 41.90
Japonesque [Limited Edition] (~Kumi Koda)JPNN/A
Kataomoi (~Miwa)JPNUS$ 11.90
Kataomoi [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Miwa)JPNN/A
Kibou (~Tokio)JPNN/A
Kibou [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Tokio)JPNN/A
Mangetsu Ni Hoero (~Chatmonchy)JPNUS$ 8.90
Mujin Eki (~Misaki Iwasa)JPNUS$ 9.90
Mujin Eki [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Misaki Iwasa)JPNUS$ 15.90
Naisho No Hanashi (~Claris)JPNUS$ 11.90
Naisho No Hanashi [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Claris)JPNN/A
Naisho No Hanashi [Limited Pressing] (~Claris)JPNUS$ 12.90
New Single (~Flow)JPNN/A
New Single [Limited Edition] (~Flow)JPNN/A
Not A Love Song (~Ayaka Hirahara)JPNUS$ 9.90
Powers Of Ten (~Yuki)JPNUS$ 36.90
Powers Of Ten [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Yuki)JPNUS$ 39.90
Powers Of Ten [Limited Edition] (~Yuki)JPNN/A
Rock'n'Roll Love Letter (~50kaitenz)JPNUS$ 15.90
Rock'n'Roll Love Letter [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~50kaitenz)JPNUS$ 21.90
Sakura Namida With Matsuyama Joshikou Shodou Girls (~Juria Kawakami)JPNUS$ 9.90
Sakura Namida With Matsuyama Joshikou Shodou Girls [CD+DVD] (~Juria Kawakami)JPNUS$ 17.90
Sing To The Sky [Limited Pressing] (~Ayaka)JPNUS$ 19.90
Solo [CD+Bonus CD+DVD] (~EXILE ATSUSHI)HKUS$ 25.90
Super Eurobeat Vol.221JPNN/A
The Beginning (~Ayaka)JPNUS$ 29.90
The Beginning [CD+DVD+Booklet Limited Edition] (~Ayaka)JPNN/A
Tokyo Night (~Michi)JPNUS$ 11.90
Ultra Pop (~Sissy)JPNUS$ 23.90
Ultra Pop [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Sissy)JPNUS$ 28.90
V (~Triplane)JPNUS$ 29.90
V [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Triplane)JPNUS$ 41.90
Vigour (~Born)JPNUS$ 29.90
Vigour [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Born)JPNUS$ 39.90
Where You Are (~Cnblue)JPNUS$ 11.90
Where You Are [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Cnblue)JPNN/A
Zig-zag (~Addy)JPNUS$ 19.90

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Enka Music releases (11)

Aisuru Anata He No Tegami (~Chiyoko Shimakura)JPNUS$ 11.90
Asakusa Moyou (~Takako Fuji)JPNUS$ 11.90
Gekka Bijin (~Ryuji Kato)JPNUS$ 11.90
Golden Best Akira Adachi (~Akira Adachi)JPNUS$ 19.90
Golden Best Zoo Nee Voo (~Zoo Nee Voo)JPNUS$ 19.90
Kokoro No Kizuna (~Joji Yamamoto)JPNUS$ 11.90
Rokyoku Meoto Bushi / Bokyo Kaido (~Yoriko Hama)JPNUS$ 11.90
Sasowarete Bay Bridge / Aishu Road (~Hiroshi Miyazaki, Shion)JPNUS$ 11.90
Seventh [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kaori Kobayashi)JPNUS$ 34.90
Shouwa Hourou Ki (~Eisaku Okawa)JPNUS$ 11.90
Tairanokiyomori Original SoundtrackJPNUS$ 27.90

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Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (11)

Berserk Ogon Jidai-Hen I: Hao No Tamago Original SoundtrackJPNN/A
Check My Soul (Amagami Ss+Plus Intro Theme) (~Azusa)JPNUS$ 12.90
I'll Be There For You (~Ichiko)JPNUS$ 17.90
I'll Be There For You [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Ichiko)JPNUS$ 17.90
Kiss Shite Agenai (~Louise)JPNUS$ 17.90
Kiss Shite Agenai [Limited Edition] (~Louise)JPNUS$ 17.90
Message (~The Sketchbook)JPNUS$ 16.99
Message [CD+DVD] (~The Sketchbook)JPNUS$ 17.90
Try Unite / Hello (Rinne No Lagrange Intro & Outro Themes) (~Megumi Nakajima)JPNUS$ 12.90
Try Unite / Hello [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Megumi Nakajima)JPNUS$ 17.90
Valentine Kiss [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 7.90

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Hong Kong Version Music releases (4)

Fei Mi Mi Zhi Yin [Vinyl LP Limited Edition] (~Faye Wong)HKN/A
Good Morning & Good Evening Concert [4DVD+CD] (~Crowd Lu)HKUS$ 32.90
Solo [CD+Bonus CD+DVD] (~EXILE ATSUSHI)HKUS$ 25.90
U87 [Vinyl LP Limited Edition] (~Eason Chan)HKN/A

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Blu-Ray Disc Movies (2)

Dream HouseHKUS$ 29.90
Dreamovies 3 Music Video Collection (~Ayaka Hirahara)JPNUS$ 57.90

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Anime & Animation (2)

Naruto - Shippuden Gokage Shuketsu No Sho 6JPNUS$ 42.90
One Piece 14th Season Marin Ford Hen Piece.5JPNUS$ 44.90

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Hong Kong Version Movie releases (4)

Dolphin Tale (~Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr.)HKUS$ 11.99
Dream HouseHKUS$ 6.99
Dream HouseHKUS$ 29.90
Joey & Joey Live Karaoke [2DVD] (~Joey Yung)HKUS$ 25.90

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J-Pop DVD releases (12)

Dreamovies 3 Music Video Collection (~Ayaka Hirahara)JPNUS$ 57.90
Dreamovies 3 Music Video Collection Vol.3 (~Ayaka Hirahara)JPNUS$ 47.90
Hosotsubo Motoyoshi In Yaon Yume No Tsuzuki Wo Hajimeyo (~Motoyoshi Mosotsubo)JPNUS$ 57.90
Itsuki Hiroshi & Miyako Harumi Na. Ka. Yo. Shi - Good Friend - Special On Stage (~Hiroshi Itsuki, Harumi Miyako)JPNUS$ 36.90
Kaettekita Berryz Kamen Vol.1 (~Berryz Kobo)JPNUS$ 33.90
Kaettekita Berryz Kamen Vol.2 (~Berryz Kobo)JPNUS$ 33.90
Kojiki A Story In Concert (~Kitaro)JPNUS$ 34.90
Single V Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (~Morning Musume)JPNUS$ 14.90
Stereopony To Moushimasu - Seijin Hen (~Stereopony)JPNUS$ 41.99
Time Vol.3 (~Hello Project)JPNUS$ 30.90
Za Abc - 5Stars (~A.B.C-Z)JPNUS$ 18.90
Zettai! Idol Do [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 81.90

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Miscellaneous Video releases (2)

Itte Koi 48 Vol.3JPNUS$ 69.90
Itte Koi 48 Vol.3 [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 99.90

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