13. Jun, 2012 18:36 (HKT)

Take that Risk: RISK: Halo Legendary and Metal Gear Solid Editions & many more board games!

Forget about protecting humans. Seek to dominate the universe. Risk: Halo Edition frames the strategy game in the war between the humans, the Covenant and the Floods.

Your attack depends on the roll of the dice and the Risk cards. And the three forces are free to form alliances with each other when the situation arises.

The package comes with the Ring Map, the Hammer Map and the Anvil Map. The smaller Hammer and Anvil Maps can be put together to form a larger Forge Map. Always take up the special locations, for it allows you to call out the more powerful forces. Control the Mobile teleport points to add another dimension to your tactical plans.

And there is another thing you need to keep in mind of: Alliances. Join hands to take out the forces of the largest foe, but always be prepared in case your allies stab you in the back when you are not looking.

Come back to Earth to fight the Private Military Companies. In RISK: Metal Gear Solid, you hire one of the big bosses, such as Solid Snake, Raiden and Liquid Ocelot to be the figurehead of your warring effort.

In this war, your play on the Custom Outer Haven Game Board and the Custom Outer Earth Game Board. Build your headquarters, enlist more people into your army and wage war for ultimate dominance!

Be a real strategist, use the battlefields of Halo and Metal Gear Solid as your RISK game. The board games are coming very soon:

RISK: Halo Legendary EditionUS N/Asold
RISK: Metal Gear Solid Collector’s EditionUS N/Asold

Here are more video game inspired board games:

MONOPOLY: Spider-ManUS N/Asold
MONOPOLY: Spider-Man Collector's EditionUS N/Asold
MONOPOLY: World of Warcraft Collector's EditionUS N/Asold
Mario Shaped PuzzleUS N/Asold
Marvel Comics MemoryUS N/Asold
Memory Challenge Sonic the Hedgehog EditionUS N/Asold
Sonic the Hedgehog Shaped PuzzleUS N/Asold
Yoshi Shaped PuzzleUS N/Asold


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