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Tales of the Elements STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Region Free
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Tales of the Elements STEAM digital
Tales of the Elements STEAM digital
Tales of the Elements STEAM digital
Tales of the Elements STEAM digital
Tales of the Elements STEAM digital


  • Based on the Hip Hop album of the same name
  • Japanese-style RPG storytelling like the classics of the 90’s
  • True 4-player co-op action battle system with X-Box 360 gamepad support
  • A great soundtrack that features a unique blend of Hip Hop and RPG music
  • Hip Hop themed mechanics that are rewarding but optional
  • Highly challenging gameplay that features light puzzle-solving progression--No maps or quest markers
  • Secret bosses and a hidden unlockable that literally breaks the 4th wall
  • Developed by the artist who produced and recorded the album
  • 8 Speed-based 3D Special Stages for unlocking secrets
  • Main Cast Character Voiceovers (along with additional supporting cast voiceovers)
  • Hand-drawn character dialogue portraits and map sprites


What do you get when you mix Hip Hop, JRPGs, fast-paced action, and 4-player couch co-op?

Tales of the Elements is an indie action role-playing game adaptation of the album of the same name, developed by the album's producer and recording artist, Last BeNeVoLeNcE. While similar to the classic style of Japanese RPGs of the 90s, TotEFC blends Hip Hop music and culture with the characteristics and setting of a traditional JRPG to create a world of fantasy and style!

Starring music producer and recording artist Last BeNeVoLeNcE, the legendary “Chip Hop” pioneer Mega Ran, and Panacea producer K-Murdock!

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