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Tap to the beat with Cloud, Lightning and Tidus: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Majide Wastashini Koishinasai! - Yukie Mayuzmi Hobby Japan Ver., Nekogami Yaoyorozu & more!

Cloud, Lightning, Tidus and the Final Fantasy cast are super deformed. This time they are not using blades and guns to defeat their enemies, they are going to use their sense of rhythm.

Theatrhythm is a new branch of the franchise. It contains the most exciting, most romantic and most beautiful tracks from the series.

Players can control up to four characters during the Battle Mode. Tap the screen, slide your stylus across the pad, trace the arrows and hold your note. The better sense of rhythm you have, the more damages you can do to your opponents. In the event mode, gamers tap to the beat of the music and enjoy the memorable scenes.

Sway to the beat of Final Fantasy, the game is now available to English speaking gamers:

Theatrhythm Final FantasyJPN US$ 69.991w
Theatrhythm Final FantasyEUR US$ 39.992-4w
Theatrhythm Final FantasyUS US$ 18.5924h

Mayuzumi Yukie is here to make friends. Since she has spent so much time practising swords swings, she doesn't have much time for herself until now. With her sword in tow and her only "friend" the horse shaped mascot Matsukaze, she runs into our warehouse, her hair drawing a gentle arc behind her.

Although she is an action heroine, she does her fair share of fan service. Her explosive proportions are visible beneath her tight jacket. The short skirt reveals her long legs and supple curves. Her clothes are cast-off-able, so help her out of the layers when she is the privacy of your display case.

The Special Limted Hobby Japan version is an extremely rare collectible item, take her home before someone else does:

Majide Wajide Wastashini Koishinasai! Pre-Painted Polystone Figure: Yukie Mayuzmi Hobby Japan Ver.JPN N/Asold

Even in this modern time, we have gods around us. The cat goddess has been exiled from her home in Takamagahara and is looking for a new place to stay.

She doesn't need to be worshipped, she just want a spot in your display case to display her godliness. The figure makers at Amiami capture her bright eyed curiosity.

She is such a tiny kitten, but she is no less expressive. Her package comes with her mischievous expression and her bored face. And besides standing upright, she can plop down on her bottom. To distinguish her from the usual cat girls, turn her around to see her two tails.

Make a wish to a cat goddess today:

Nendoroid Nekogami Yaoyorozu Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: MayuJPN N/Asold

Also available today:


FIFA 12 (Platinum Hits)ASIA N/Asold


Anarchy ReignsEUR N/Asold
FIFA 12 (PlayStation3 the Best Hits)ASIA US$ 19.992-4d

New Toy Arrivals

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Strap Figure CollectionJPN N/Asold
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai mini : SquallJPN N/Asold

iSound Accessories

DreamGear Cookie Monster Gamer's Vault - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Cookie Monster Mini Game Pack (Blue)US N/Asold
DreamGear Cookie Monster Starter Kit - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Cookie Monster Travel Kit 7 in 1 - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Cookie Monster Universal Soft Case - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Crystal Case and Decal Set - MixedUS US$ 14.902-4w
DreamGear Crystal Case and Decal Set - MixedUS US$ 14.902-4w
DreamGear Crystal Case and Decal Set for DSi XL - MixedUS US$ 14.902-4w
DreamGear Decal Set for - MixedUS US$ 5.902-4w
DreamGear Decal Set - MixedUS US$ 5.902-4w
DreamGear Decal Set - MixedUS US$ 5.902-4w
DreamGear Elmo Gamer's Vault - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Elmo Mini Game Pack (Red)US N/Asold
DreamGear Elmo Starter Kit - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Elmo Travel Kit - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Elmo Universal Soft Case for DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Sesame Street Universal Soft Case - MixedUS N/Asold
DreamGear Stylus Pack + Game Case - MixedUS N/Asold


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