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Terraria Vita US Physical Version: No More Waiting For Asia PSN!


PlayStation®Vita [Sandbox Action-Adventure] Release: June 9th, 2015

Warning: The Following Article is heavily biased, if you didn't notice already #WhenPlayAsiaFanBoysHard

Why are we writing about Terraria, especially when there's over 3 million players crafting, digging, exploring, building, and fighting already? It is, after all, a game from 2011, so what's the deal?

Aside from Terraria being pure gameplay goodness and one of our favorite games here at Play-Asia.com, it's only been available for the Vita as a US PSN store exclusive, or a physical Japanese version. Because of this, a US Physical version comes as a boon, and better than never. We've even gone so far as to pester 505 Games and PlayStation Asia for some news about availability, but since they've been , this is the next best thing! (Plus the whole switching memory cards and soft resetting your Vita to switch regions gets old real quick -_- )

So what is Terraria? The best way to describe it would be a 2D take on Mojang's famous Minecraft - essentially many mechanics are the same, but because of the 2D aspect, a Terraria becomes a completely different sandbox experience.

Players must survive by gathering resources within a day-night cycle - on the first night, they are powerless against that which lurks in the dark. They must secure a home, create a light source, and once they get their bearings, the adventure really begins - players can now explore, whether for more resources to craft an amazing gamut of items, or just to open the map up to see which randomly generated biomes have been created.

At the same time, if not exploring, building amazing architecture is also part of the experience, as there have been some insane creations from pure imagination. As players delve even further, they'll eventually find that there is a story, and this game rewards those who literally dig deeper into the game.

For the Vita version, just like the other console versions, it contains exclusive content not found on the PC, including new enemies, achievements, music tracks and music boxes, armors, weapons, pets, and a new boss; the current update is at 1.0.6 (same as the PC 1.2.3 build). There's also online co-op or PvP up to 8 players, PS3 Cross Play, optimized controls with touch screen zoom, Cthulu, and more in the Vita version of 2011's best indie game!

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