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The big day: Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, Neptune V, Senran Kagura Burst, Aqua Pazza, Sengoku Basara HD Collection, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Ruroni Kenshin Kakusei, God of War Saga & more! - in Weekly Games Update!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring new product arrivals from the last seven days. Everybody take part in Hatsune Miku's Project Diva f, save the game in Neptune V, meet the ninja girls in Senran Kagura Burst, fight with the prettiest ladies in Aqua Pazza, and unite chaotic Japan in Sengoku Basara HD.

Miku doesn't rest, and Miku is always hip. She debuts on the PlayStation Vita in Hatsune Miku Project Diva-f. Incorporating new game play options, such as touch screens and back touch pads, the newest instalment lets you interact directly with her melodies.

Besides presses, there are scratches in Project Diva f. See how much more challenges this move pose when you play to the new songs. Doriko's Christmas offering Cat Hood and Wowaka's World's End Dance Hall are just some of the songs.

All graphics are upgraded, Miku and her friends dance in fluid sequences. Her hair and her expressions become more natural and lines are smoother. Unlock the new costumes and see how much more life-like everyone becomes in this instalment.

Miku's PS Vita Concert tour starts today:

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- fASIA N/Asold
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- fJPN US$ 89.991w

The Accessories Pack carries a card case, a cleaning cloth, a Miku Strap, a decoration seal and an original charm:

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f (Accessory Set)JPN US$ 199.991-5d

This is one of the games worth getting a PS Vita console for. Please use the personal Agent to inform you when the Hatsune Miku PS Vita consoles arrive:

PSVita PlayStation Vita - 3G/Wi-Fi Model (Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f)ASIA N/Asold
PSVita PlayStation Vita - 3G/Wi-Fi Model [Hatsune Miku Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
PSVita PlayStation Vita - Wi-Fi Model [Hatsune Miku Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

Kami Jigen Game Neptune V takes place 2 years after the defeat of the big bad witch Magiecon. No big trouble arises, and that's not a very good thing for the heroine. Luckily for Neptune, everything changes when she is transported back time.

The Gamegyoukai in this instalment is reminiscent of the gaming scene in the 1980s, and it's being threatened by the mysterious group The Seven Wiseman.

After giving up her seat as the heroine to her younger sister in the last game, Neptune is back as the main lead. She becomes more bubbly, and her story becomes more charming. Familiar characters such as the goddesses of Lastation, Lui and Reenbox show up, see how much fun their power struggles give the Gamegyoukai.

The Limited Edition comes with a figure set and a CD & Booklet set. The Famitsu DX Pack comes with everything in the Limited Edition plus wall scrolls, posters and a visual book:

Kami Jigen Game Neptune VASIA N/Asold
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V (Limited Edition)ASIA N/Asold
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Famitsu DX Pack]JPN N/Asold
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 231.991-2w
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 69.991w

Exciting, full of fast pace action and with a generous touch of naughtiness, the girls at Senran Kagura blazes into the 3DS screens. This time, the spotlight goes to the girls in the rival school.

The Serpent Academy for ninja girls have their fair share of action. Be sure to choose them. This time a serious story is combined with sexiness and lots of humour.

The unresolved plot twists in the previous instalment are going to be wrapped up in this game and the friendship between some of the girls is reaching a new level. There are a lot of new modes, and one of them is the 3D mode in the changing room.

Laughter, tears, heart pounding moments and nosebleed, this game has it all.

Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi-JPN US$ 69.991w

Protect your Nintendo 3DS screens with these scratch guards:

Scratch Guard 3DS: Senran Kagura Burst (Version A) N/Asold
Scratch Guard 3DS: Senran Kagura Burst (Version B) N/Asold
Scratch Guard 3DS: Senran Kagura Burst (Version C) N/Asold
Scratch Guard 3DS: Senran Kagura Burst (Version D) N/Asold
Scratch Guard 3DS: Senran Kagura Burst (Version E) N/Asold

In Aqua Plus's dating sims, these ladies compete for your affection, but in the fighting game Aqua Pazza, they exchange punches and kicks to see who is the ultimate warrior.

Girls and guys in To Heart, Tears and Tiara and Utawareru Mono have been fighting in the arcade. Now, they are moving on to the PlayStation3.

This PlayStation3 version contains everything in the Arcade version and more. Besides more characters, the game comes with a new story mode, network mode and a gallery mode. Existing modes such as the training mode comes back with a grade-up, so novice fighters can learn to execute killing moves more efficiently.

The Limited edition comes with the special soundtrack and the card set:

Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (Limited Edition)ASIA N/Asold
Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream Match [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 49.991w

Play the game the Arcade way by plugging the Joystick into your console:

Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream Match Rapbox [Real Arcade Pro.V3 SAP Combo Pack]JPN N/Asold

Regular Editions

Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (Japanese Version)ASIA N/Asold
Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream MatchJPN US$ 54.991-5d

Revisit Sengoku Basara history. Head off to the very beginning. The Basara HD Collection carries the first three games: Sengoku Basara, it's sequel, and the Segoku Basara 2 Heroes. Every frame becomes clearer, the skills look even more devastating and the gameplay becomes more exhilarating.

Learn the fighting system in the first game, then blow up the damaging effects of your attacks with Sengyoku Drive and Basara Fever. Step into the battle boots of the warriors in the story mode and live their lives.

Head even deeper into history in Heroes. The thirty warriors all show up along with new game modes and new story episodes. Two gamers can play at the same time, so ask someone to join in and throw stylish attacks at each other.

Sengoku Basara HD CollectionASIA N/Asold
Sengoku Basara HD CollectionJPN N/Asold

Original Soundtrack

Sengoku Basara HD Collection Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 29.991w

Stylish, eerie and utterly unique, the devil summoners are back. This time, the Atlus game developers are taking gamers to a futuristic world. Amami City is one of the target cities of the government. Officials plan to build the virtual city Paradigm X over it.

At first, people enjoy the convenience brought by this project. They can communicate with each other on the virtual streets and shop online. But such a project is bound to attract the attention of the hackers. The Player is one of these hackers. And with the Devil Summoning device Gump in his hands, he sets off with his hacker friends, the Spookies to discover the real objective behind the Paradigm X project.

The Famitsu DX Pack includes a t-shirt, a clear file and a soundtrack:

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersJPN US$ 41.991w
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers [Famitsu DX Pack]JPN N/Asold

The Accessory Pack includes a cleaning cloth, a pouch, a touch pen and a card case set:

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (Accessory Set for Nintendo 3DS)JPN US$ 29.991w

The elegant swordplay becomes more refined in the Rurouni Kenshin Kakusei. The controls are clearer, so even novice swordsmen can execute the sure kill attacks. New characters are join in the fray and the game comes with a New Kyoto Chapter. Of course, the classic mode is still available.

Join the epic war that spans generation. Create your character and jump into Gundam Age Cosmic Drive and Universe Accel. The world in these games evolve, no spot stay the same throughout all three generations. After every mission, you will recieve parts to upgrade your mobile suits. Take the challenge to make yourself stronger.

Hike up Olympus, challenge the gods and then dive into hades to slaughter the ghouls. God of War Saga contains five games in one package. All of them support trophy and network options and dual shock controller feedback. The Chains of Olympus and the Ghost if Sparta even have 3D support.

Embark on a great Journey. The indies developer thatgamecompany has come a long way. This collection comes with their best sellers Journey, Flower and flOw. The collection also includes lots of extra items like mini-games, soundtracks and a 1-month pass for the PlayStation Plus.

Here's the summary of this week's releases:


Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWIIUS N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWIIEUR N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII (Collector's Edition)US N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII (Collector's Edition)EUR N/Asold
Darksiders II (Collector's Edition)US N/Asold
Darksiders II (Limited Edition)EUR N/Asold
DiRT ShowdownJPN US$ 64.901w
Madden NFL 13ASIA N/Asold
Spec Ops: The LineJPN US$ 65.991w
Transformers: Fall of CybertronEUR N/Asold


Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream Match [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 49.991w
Aqua Pazza: Aquaplus Dream MatchJPN US$ 54.991-5d
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWIIEUR N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWIIASIA US$ 49.991-5d
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII FlightStickASIA N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII (Collector's Edition)US N/Asold
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII (Collector's Edition)EUR US$ 199.901w
Darksiders II (Collector's Edition)US N/Asold
Darksiders II (Limited Edition)EUR N/Asold
DiRT ShowdownJPN US$ 34.991w
DiRT Showdown + DiRT 3 Complete Edition [Double Pack]JPN US$ 91.991w
God of War SagaUS US$ 24.9924h
God of War SagaASIA N/Asold
Journey Collector's EditionUS US$ 24.9924h
Journey Collector's EditionASIA N/Asold
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 231.991-2w
Kami Jigen Game Neptune V [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 69.991w
Madden NFL 13ASIA N/Asold
Ratchet & Clank CollectionUS US$ 24.995-15d
Sengoku Basara HD CollectionJPN N/Asold
Sengoku Basara HD CollectionASIA N/Asold
Shadows of the Damned [EA Best Hits Version]JPN US$ 34.991w
Spec Ops: The LineJPN US$ 44.991w
Spec Ops: The LineUS N/Asold
Transformers: Fall of CybertronEUR N/Asold
inFamous CollectionUS US$ 24.991w
inFamous CollectionASIA N/Asold

Sony PSP

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha mada shiranai.JPN US$ 62.991w
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi ha mada shiranai. [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 45.991w
Custom DriveJPN US$ 73.901-2w
Elminage Ibun: Ame no MihashiraJPN US$ 13.6924h
Genroh [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 93.991-5d
Genroh [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 57.901w
Gods Eater Burst (Favorites)US N/Asold
Koisentai Love & Peace The P.S.P. [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Koisentai Love & Peace The P.S.P. [Regular Edition]JPN US$ 39.991w
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Cosmic DriveJPN US$ 14.991w
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Universe AccelJPN US$ 19.991w
Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan- KanseiJPN N/Asold
Yami Kara No Izanai TENEBRAE IJPN US$ 29.991w
Yami Kara No Izanai TENEBRAE I [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 40.991w

PS Vita

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- fASIA N/Asold
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- fJPN US$ 89.991w
Madden NFL 13ASIA N/Asold

Nintendo Wii

Madden NFL 13US N/Asold

Nintendo 3DS

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersJPN US$ 41.991w
Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi-JPN US$ 69.991w


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 (Greatest Hits)US US$ 17.991-2w
Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotojin IV Kyoraku Collection Vol. 2JPN US$ 82.991w

PC Games

Cristiano Ronaldo FreestyleEUR US$ 9.992-4w
Darksiders II (Limited Edition) (DVD-ROM)EUR US$ 14.995-15d
Guild Wars 2 (DVD-ROM)US US$ 34.991-2w
Jagged Alliance: Crossfire (DVD-ROM)EUR US$ 12.995-15d
Ship Simulator Extremes Collection (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold
The Secret World (DVD-ROM)US N/Asold

Game Guides and Books

"Matsu Teki Hana" Hikaru Ga Chikyuu Niitakoro .. 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
5 Toki Kara 9 Toki Made 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Abe Kunno Nanoka Kan Sensen 1JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Ajii Chimonme Dokuritsu Hen 9JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Akanekono Akuma 5JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Aku No JojishiJPNUS$ 24.905-15d
Akuseru Warudo 3JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Aoharaido 5JPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Asahinagu 6JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Ayakashi Koi Emaki 5JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Bannou Kantei Samurai Q No KouryakubonJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
BATMAN: The Man Who LaughsJPNUS$ 33.905-15d
Battleship Girl - Koutetsu Shoujo - 4 KanJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Boku Ga Josou Shite Hii Temitara Bare Souna Ken 1JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Bokura Haminna Kawai Sou 3JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Card Fighters!! Kadokawa Mook 449JPNUS$ 19.905-15d
Chibi Miku San NiJPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Dai Toshokan No Hitsujikai OvertureJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
DRAGON JAM 6JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Dramatical Murder KomikkuansorojiJPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Edo No Ken Shikabane Kan 3JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Fate/Stay Night (19)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Futagashira 2JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Futago No Kemono TachiJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Futari Ecchi 54JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Fuusatsu Oni Kudanno Jo Shi ShitaJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
GA - Geijutsu Ka Atodezainkurasu (5)JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Gaburiera Senki V Shiro Usagi Kishidan No ShifukuJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Gakkou No Soto Kaidan 2JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Gaku 18JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Go Sutomama Sousa Sen Shinsouban 5JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Hadaka De Soto Niha Dera RenaiJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Hana Mote Katare 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
HARD TIME - DEADLOCK GaidenJPNUS$ 25.905-15d
HB Na KanojoJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Hi Dan No Aria XIIIJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Hiyokko Ryourinin 2JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Hobby Japan [September 2012]JPNN/Asold
Hora Ansoroji 2 "Kuro"JPNUS$ 15.995-15d
Ichi Ki Tou Sen (Shinsouban) - Aka Kabe Souran Hen - 1 KanJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Joou No Hana 6JPNUS$ 13.905-15d
Kamome ☆ Chansu 15JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Kanpione! 13 Nanyou No Hime Kami (Kanpione! Shirizu)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Karubania Monogatari 14JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Kei Yono KafukaJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Keiosuringusu 2JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Kidousenshi Kurosubon Gandamu Gosuto (2)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Kimi ni Todoke 17JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Komorebino Kuni 4 KanJPNUS$ 26.905-15d
Koori Ka (2)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Koukou Tama Ji Zawa San 10JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Kukkingupapa Sanuki UdonJPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Kun Hohoeme Ba Hime Ha, Sanjuu Ichi 3JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Kuro Kami 19 (Kan)JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Kuro Kou No Ma Mon Shuufuku Samurai 3JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Kyouha Kaisha Yasumi MasuJPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Madan no Ou to Senhime - Vanadis 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Madden NFL 13: The Official Player's GuideUSN/Asold
MagicalJPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Mahousen Ki Ririkaru Nanoha Force True Colored (3)JPNUS$ 19.905-15d
Mahousen Sou IIIJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Mahoushoujo Ririkaru Nanoha ViVid FULL COLORS (3)JPNN/Asold
Majikyu 4 Koma Fate/Zero Shi Koma Seihai Sensou 4JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Kono Ware Nomonotonare, Yuusha Yo) (Kotowaru!) 4JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Inside Animation Works 1JPNUS$ 29.9924h
Monokageno Irisu 3 KanJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Mujaki No Rakuen (2)JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
MuneatsuJPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Nochi Chimata Setsu Hyakumonogatari 2JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Nudofaita Yuzu Mare 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
O Jousama Ga, Ikenaikotowotakurandeimasu! 3JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji 4JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Ore Monogatari!! 2JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Ouji Ka Purinsu 3JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Persona 4 The Golden Comic AnthologyJPNN/Asold
QUO VADIS - Kuo Vadeisu (11)JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Ranobe Bu 3 KanJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Rin! 3JPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Saki Hiyori (2)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Saki- A Chi Ga Hen Episode of Side-A (3)JPNUS$ 16.905-15d
Sankenrokku 16JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Seirei Tsukai No Kenbu 8 Kessen ZenyaJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Seishun Rokeshon 1JPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Seitokaichou Ni Chuukoku 6JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Shichigatsu No Hone 4JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Shimauma 5 KanJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Shin Shokugyou. Koroshiya Zan ZAN 2JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Shinken De Watashi Ni Koishi Nasai! S Komikkuansoroji Vol.3JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 8 Ushinawa Reta TamashiiJPNUS$ 17.905-15d
SOUL Ha Dai 2 Shou 2JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Sui Dukushi Taio Nengoro - Moshikashite Ochikobore Madoushi No Seikou TanJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
SUPERMAN: Red SonJPNUS$ 33.905-15d
Tadashi i Madou No Tsukaikata -blood X bloodJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Takumi San Dai 7JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Tetsuwan Ba Dei EVOLUTION 12JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Tiger & Bunny Komikkuansoroji Vol.3JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Tokkan 2 Tokubetsu Kokuzei Choushuu KanJPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Tokusou Han "Matsu Teki Hana" Hikaru Ga Chikyuu Niitakoro 5JPNUS$ 42.905-15d
Tomehanetsu! Suzu Sato Koukou Shodou Bu 10JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Tonnurasan 7JPNUS$ 17.905-15d
Toshi Densetsu 9 - Murasaki No KagamiJPNUS$ 12.905-15d
Tsuki Tsuki! 8JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Umi No O Saki (12)JPNUS$ 11.905-15d
Warera No Ryuugi - Futtoborune Shon Zenya - 2JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Yotogi Banashi 2JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Yuruyuri Komikkuansoroji Vol.7JPNUS$ 18.905-15d
Yuukoku No Rasupuchin 5JPNUS$ 14.905-15d
Yuurei Hakushaku No Hanayome - Akuma No Tsumi Ayamato Wasure Rareta Ai JouJPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Zenbu Kanojo Ni (Shi) Rareteru?JPNUS$ 15.905-15d
Zoku Shitataru Botan Ni Ai - Reopado Hakusho 5JPNUS$ 15.905-15d


A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:


Assassin's Creed Ezio Saga [Limited Complete Edition]JPN US$ 369.99
Persona 4 ArenaEUR US$ 19.99


Agarest: Generations of War 2 (Special Collector's Edition)EUR N/A
Assassin's Creed Ezio Saga [Limited Complete Edition]JPN US$ 399.99
Persona 4 ArenaEUR N/A
Tales of Graces f (Day One Edition)EUR N/A

Sony PSP

Persona 4 ArenaEUR US$ 19.99

Nintendo 3DS

Lost HeroesJPN US$ 29.99


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