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The claws of evil: The Darkness 2, Mortal Kombat - Kitana, Dragon Quest - Equipment of Roto, Puella Magi Madoka Doll: Kaname Madoka, Tiger & Bunny Art Book with Wild Tiger Action Figure & more!

From the publisher: It's been two years since Jackie Estacado, now Don of the Franchetti crime family, used The Darkness to kill the men responsible for his girlfriend's murder.

He's been unable to shake the memory of Jenny's death since bottling up his supernatural power and now The Darkness wants out.

A sudden, unprovoked attack on Jackie's life heralds the start of a full-scale mob war which has clearly been orchestrated by some outside force. The botched attempt opens the door for The Darkness to reemerge, and sets Jackie on a journey to hell and worse as he unravels the mystery behind the attack and the motivations of The Darkness itself.

The Limited Edition comes with the exclusive Gourmet Hearts and Relic Hunter character abilities, the "Crazy Abdul" darkling outfit, a custom illustration by Marc Silvestri and a free download of The Darkness Origins Volume 1 and 2.

Darkness spreads over the following consoles. The Japanese versions come 2 weeks later:

The Darkness 2JPN US$ 64.991w
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)US US$ 19.991-2w
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)ASIA US$ 11.991w

The Darkness 2JPN US$ 45.991-5d
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)US US$ 22.991-2w
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)ASIA N/Asold

PC Games
The Darkness II (DVD-ROM)US N/Asold
The Darkness 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/Asold

Game Guides and Books
The Darkness II Official Strategy GuideUS N/Asold

The princess of the Outworld has freed herself of Shao Khan's powers. Testing her charm and her popularity, she poses for the figure makers at Syco Collectibles.

The figure is loyally carved according to an iconic image in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Kitana stands upright and proud, her head held high.

A glimpse at her eyes is enough to spellbound someone. As a ninja, she covers her beautiful face, leaving her almond shaped eyes visible. Heavily lashed and very exotic, her gaze holds both warning and promises. The fans in her hands are painted with delicate patterns, and to set off her feminine beauty, the skeletons of her fan gleams metallic.

Hold and audience with Kitana:

Mortal Kombat 10" Pre-Painted Polystone Statue: KitanaASIA N/Asold

Heroes and figure makers rise to the challenge. Dragon Quest series is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and figure makers are going to capture their heroic deeds and exciting adventures through their figures. The first to return to the scene is the hero in the Armor of Roto.

The package comes with everything a knight needs. There are swords and shields. Everything is painted meticulously. The golden trimmings and the crest on the chest gleam under the lights. Collectors can remove the weapons and the helmet when the knight go indoors, or they can clap the visor over his eyes during the duels.

Take the knight on a quest today:

Dragon Quest Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Legend Armor Returns (Equipment of Roto)JPN N/Asold

Touch her hair and feel the softness of the strands. The Pureniimo version of Madoka captures the sweetness and gentleness of the character. Dressed in her school uniform, Madoka is still enjoying her peaceful everyday life.

The Kyubei that rest in her arms is not an opportunistic liar, but a cute companion that she cares about.

Her head is a special design. The maker Chizuru shapes the rounded cheeks and the blush loyally according to the character designer Ume Aoki's style. Even the colouring of the eyes are identical to her anime counter part. Sawada Studios creates a small sized Pureniimo Flexion body for her, the joints are all hidden beneath her clothes, so players can create the most natural of poses with her.

Enjoy everyday life with Madoka:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1/6 scale Fashion Doll : Kaname MadokaJPN N/Asold

Join Tiger and Bunny in the world of Katsura Masakazu. The famed illustrator and manga artist leaves the contemporary world to do something fantastic and futuristic. His brings an American Comic art style to the ultra popular Tiger and Bunny franchise, and with a series of delicate lines and a bold use of colours, he breaths life into the characters.

The full colour art book contains a chapter of comics, character specs and all the rough sketches that went into the title. The box also comes with an action figure of Tiger. Created loyally according to Katsura Masakazu's designs, this super hero can engage in all sorts of action scenes and comical scenarios.

Once a world comes to life, it expands beyond the screen. Welcome to Sternbild City:

Tiger & Bunny SHF Figure Wide Tiger Katsuramasakazu & Art Book [Special Edition]JPN N/Asold

Also available today:

Grand Slam Tennis 2ASIA N/Asold

Grand Slam Tennis 2ASIA N/Asold
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningUS N/Asold

Game Guides and Books
Soul Calibur Official Setting Sourcebook New Legends Of Project SoulJPN N/Asold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1210 (2012 02/23)JPN N/Asold


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