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The cute and not so cute: Nendoroid K-ON! Hirasawa Ui, SCI-FI Revoltech Series Predator, Cosmos Burning Dragon Shiryu, Pegasus Seiya, Putit Eva @ School Rei, Asuka & more!

The K-ON! girls always get a lot of love, now's the time to give the spotlight to people who made this phenomenon possible. Hirasawa Ui is the clumsy Yui's younger sister and her keeper.

The package comes with both her middle school uniform and her high school uniform, so you can recreate all her scenes. She can even dress up as Yui, like she did in the last episode in the first season, just put the the second year student school tie on her.

Her package comes with her smiling face, dizzy face and giddy face. Put her into your K-ON section and have her cheer for her favorite band.

Nendoroid No. 135 K-ON!: Hirasawa UiJPN N/Asold

Predator starts his hunt today. Hailing from the SCI-FI Revoltech Series, the action figure of this extraterrestrial being injects fear into anything around it. The armor protects it from the onslaught of enemies, the spiky dread hair and the sharp blades on the gauntlet can kill off its prey. You can sheath and unsheathe the blades and move the hair, the Revoltech sculptors gives this monster every tool it has in the movies.

The torso and the body are made with soft materials, so you can bend him over. And if you want more contact with this monster, just remove his helmet. Small details such as the scales on his skin are printed in detail, put him together with your other sci-fi monsters and see who can subdue him.

SCI-FI Revoltech Predator is here, start your hunt today:

SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.022 - Predator Pre-Painted PVC Figure: PredatorJPN N/Asold

Blessed with the power of the galaxy, the saints are here to battle ambitious mythological gods. In regular sizes these warriors are absolutely cool, in this new super deformed a Humpty-Dumpty shape they get a new layer of cuteness. Although their bodies are smaller than their heads, the magnets in the base will set them standing.

The bronze cloth is their most basic, it's the gear the boys wear most of the time. Every plate is crafted to include the edges and horns. The armors are painted with a metallic sheen so that they glint like stars. Darken your room and switch on the LED Lights, let the knights bath in the color of their elements and light of their constellations.

Seiya and Shiryu are available today:

Cosmos Burning Collection 001 - Saint Seiya Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Dragon Shiryu (Re-run)JPN N/Asold
Cosmos Burning Collection 002 - Saint Seiya Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Pegasus SeiyaJPN N/Asold

Fighting Angels are important, but the girls should never neglect school. The newest Evangelion Petit series will feature the girls in their uniforms. The smooth, simple lines highlight the girls cuteness and the use of pastel colors soften their whole impressions. It brings out the fluffiness of their hair and the blush on their cheeks.

The base comes with a backdrop of a school, with a hand on her hip, Asuka looks like a bossy prefect waiting to catch the latecomers at the gates. Rei holds her recorder in hand and is trying to cram as much as she could before the start of the music class. Line both of them up and let them welcome you to their school lives.

Welcome back to school again:

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Putit Eva @ School Pre-Painted Figure: AsukaJPN N/Asold
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Putit Eva @ School Pre-Painted Figure: ReiJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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Ape Escape On the MoveASIA US$ 19.991w

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Arcadia Magazine [March 2011]JPN N/Asold
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