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The dolly and the hipster: Sheryl Nome Kimono ver., Azunyan Pureneemo doll, Summer Wars set, RAH - Mari, Gloomy pouch, Panda Hello Killy plush & Rilakkuma Trading figure!

Sheryl Nome is usually associated with the hip, western pop/rock scene, but in the Macross Frontier DX Figure series, the diva models a glamorous kimono, heightening her exotic flavor. The simple cutting enhances her slim body lines; the flowing lilac matches the aqua blue of her eyes and her strawberry colored highlights.

Although the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, Sheryl added her own modern touch. The scalloped edges of her shift peeks out of her sleeve and her collar, giving her a more doll-like appearance.

Sheryl, in her kimono is available for:

Macross Frontier Non Scale Pre-Painted DX Figure Vol.5: Sheryl Nome Kimono Ver.JPN N/Asold

Comb her hair and feel the smooth silkiness. The Pureneemo figures are not just action figures, they are dolls that you can play dress up with. The last girl to join the K-ON! band, Azunyan is the shortest of the group, and the developers in Sawada studios re-creates her proportions by using a smaller S-shaped body.

Chizuru, the figure maker who took care of her head part tied her hair into twin tails and carefully drew on her smile. You can display her with her flustered expression as well, to top everything off, put her cat ears on to her and change her hand parts to let her do her cat things.

Her box comes with her summer uniform vest, a set of casual clothes and of course, her guitar. Azunyan is here, take her home today:

K-ON! 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Doll Figure: Azusa Nakano (Azone International)JPN N/Asold

Select your avatar and venture into the world of Oz. Brought to you by Moekore Boddy, this box set contains three avatars for you to choose from. You can be the champion rabbit fighter, King Kazuma, the game maker chipmunk kari-Kenji and the heroine Natsuki. From, cool, to bizarre to utterly cute, this box have all the ingredients.

The figures are all carefully crafted to bring out the details. Just look at the gold buckle on King Kazuma's belt and the folds in Natsuki's hakama skirt. And how can you not laugh when you see chipmunk Kenji's bored look?

Moe Collect Plus Buddy 01 Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Summer Wars (King Kazuma, Natsuki &Kenji )JPN N/Asold

Sawada Keisuke brings Makinami Mari, the new girl in the Evangelion movie series to the real world and Akimoto Mieko re-creates the pink plug suit to perfection. By using the new FEMALEBODY proportions, Mari spots some smooth, slender body lines that are completely accurate to her character designs.

Confidence shines from her eyes, the beautiful skin tones and the carefully painted expression make her even more realistic. The plug suit contains every detail on her anime counterpart, from the rib protector to the breast plates. Since the joints are covered by her clothes, you can put her into some highly difficult poses without her looking like an outdated robot.

Real Action Hero - Makinami Mari has arrived:

Real Action Heroes Neon Genesis Evangelion Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure: Makinami Mari IllustriousJPN N/Asold

Once Gloomy glomps on you, he will never let go. The cute, fluffy, blood thirsty bear is here to keep your phone safe. Put the gadget in his tummy pouch and hang him on to your belt. The bear's plushy body will protect your phone from bumps and scratches.

The bear works well even as a plush, it's soft and very comfortable to hold. Just beware of the blood stained claws. When Gloomy is wet, or when handled roughly, the pigment on his body might come off and stain your clothes. So please don't put Gloomy into the wash, or be rough with him even when he attacks you.

Offer yourself up for Gloomy to glomp on. We have a variety of Gloomies:

Gloomy Bear Plush Doll: Black GloomyJPN N/Asold
Gloomy Bear Plush Doll: Pink GloomyJPN N/Asold
Gloomy Bear Plush Doll: Purple GloomyJPN N/Asold
Gloomy Bear Plush Doll: White GloomyJPN N/Asold

Hello Kitty amps up her cuteness in this version. The fluffy Kitty puts on a silky, pastel colored animal body suit.The fur is curled into small, rose-shaped swirls, giving Kitty an even more soft, flowery appearance. And couple that with the lace trimmings and the big bow, this plush is demanding your hug.

The extra large size makes cuddling experience even more comfortable. You can put her behind your chair and use it as a cushion. To keep the colors pretty, and the texture soft, don't let it get wet; this plush is not suitable for the wash.

Pink and Aqua Kitties are waiting for you to adopt today:

Fluffy Panda Hello Kitty Plush Doll: Aqua Panda KittyJPN N/Asold

When the OL Kaoru-san met Rilakkuma, her days are filled with fluffy cuteness. As a character in the iyashii (healing) genre, Rilakkuma helps you chill out and sooth your tiredness. Get your collection of bears and play with them. These 9 trading figures feature Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma (the white bear) and their friend Kiirotori (yellow bird) and their various toys.

Sprinkle them around the room to add some pastel softness. Rilakkuma is available for:

Rilakkuma Non Scale Pre-Painted Trading Figure: Mini Collection Part 1JPN N/Asold


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