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The Dreamcast shows no signs of slowing down in 2014 with 3 new titles available to pre-order!

The Dreamcast console was originally released in 1998 and  despite its short production lifespan, it was widely considered to be ahead of its time. The Dreamcast saw the release of many of the most creative and innovative titles - a trend that continues to endure 16 years later. 


Dreamcast™ - Region Free [SHMUP - Horizontal Scrolling]

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller

Redux: Dark Matters is an up and coming space shooting game funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Redux features highres visuals in space, with the robot blasting and explosions we all love across 7 stages with the expected extravagant bossfights! The development team have been putting a lot of love into this title and a quick view of the developer blog will give you some unparralleled insight into the game itself. 

The title is set to be released on the Sega Dreamcast including fresh scoring elements and and full of star-power developer backing like Rene Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLordFast StrikerLast Hope and DUX) and KTX Software Development. The visuals and gameplay are not the only treats in this game, it also includes an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type).

Limited Edition includes:

  • Dreamcast Game: "Redux Dark Matters" 
  • Dreamcast Game: "DUX 1.5"
  • Manual
Redux: Dark MattersDreamcast (DC)  sold
Redux: Dark Matters [Limited Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  sold


Dreamcast™ - Region Free [SHMUP - Vertical Scrolling]

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller

It seems NG:DEV.TEAM have been incredibly busy developing not only the new Redux Dark Matters title but also NEO XYX - a vertical scrolling shmup "graphically designed to look like a 1989 Japanese arcade game" - moreso a throwback to the vibrant mass of colors associated with the era than the pixelated style.

The final game will contain six different stages and 11 bosses to defeat! Many improvements have been made to the game since the first videos were released - adding full animation to everything that moves (and reportedly doubling the graphical detail in the game) as well as a 16 bit -inspired intro. 

Neo XYX will be region free and compatible with all EU, US and Japanese Dreamcasts built before October 2001. 

Limited Edition Includes: 

  • NEO XYX Game
  • Soundtrack CD with HQ Uncut and Exclusive Tracks
Neo XYX [Limited Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  sold
Neo XYXDreamcast (DC)  sold


Dreamcast™ - Region Free [TOTE Caravan Shooter]

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU

Ghost Blade is an ace shoot 'em up for the Dreamcast with a focus on arcade action joy and elaborate scoring system. There will be 3 player ships to choose from and 3 types of game modes including '5 stage mode', 'challenging caravan mode', and last but definitely not least: time attack. 

We once again recommend the developer blog as a great way to see through the looking glass into the Dreamcast development world! With tons of updates and screenshots directly from HUCAST you can watch as the title progresses and discuss new updates with your fellow Dreamcast fanatics! 

Ghost Blade [Limited Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  US$ 69.9924h
Ghost Blade [Jewelcase Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  sold

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