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本片由真實事件改編,故事由女記者潔美華特(伊麗莎白瑞絲飾)的姐姐安娜於新加坡離奇自殺身亡開始,潔美於是由美國西雅圖遠赴當地善後和調查死因,她去到 姐姐身前搬入的新居時,發現姪女凱蒂(艾迪娜赫茨飾)的行為異常古怪,令Jamie聯想到一連串自殺案件,離奇巧合的是,所有案件都是在暗示和遠古的巴別 塔有關!

When her sister Anna dies mysteriously in Singapore, crime reporter Jamie Waters travels from Chicago to Asia to investigate the apparent suicide. Inexplicable events at Anna's house and the odd behavior of her niece Katie lead Jamie to a string of other bizarre suicides involving emails, internet videos and biblical allusions to the Tower of Babel. The supernatural forces arrayed against Jamie intensify when she uncovers the dark past of her sister's house and a demonic force attacks Katie. With the help of Anna's former husband Sam Harris, Jamie races to solve the horrifying mystery of her sister's death.

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