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The Fate/Grand Pre-Order Returns! More Beautiful Servants Can Be Summoned!!

Hello again Masters! It seems another Holy Grail War is starting once more! This time it looks like even more powerful and beautiful servants are being summoned! Like before several big name toy manufacturers have several great Fate/ series figures coming out! Let's take a look at the servants fighting in this war!
Looks like we're starting off with a familiar face! The tall, purple-haired, red-eyed beauty Scathach will be taking part in this war. But it looks like she's dressed for a day at the beach rather than a bloody battle. Don't let looks deceive you as she's been summoned as the Assassin Class Servant. Swapping out her familiar bodysuit for a very revealing bikini, Scathach looks absolutely stunning. She also wears a flower in her hair, wears a sarong around her waist (which is made with translate material and is removable), a garter which holds several of her throwing knives, sandals, and several pieces of jewelry. So much detail is found in this figure from the flower on her head down to the nail polish on her toes, even the stand is made to look like a beach! The figure stands at 265mm (about 10.4") and releases July 31st, but pre-orders end on May 22nd.
Next up is another face that looks familiar but isn't the person you'd think it is. She is the Saber of "Red", this Saberface's True Name is Modred. Clad in her iconic red and silver armor, and brandishing her Noble Phantasm "Clarent" with its glowing blue blade. The figure is expertly sculpted with amazingly intricate detail in every edge and point. Even special care was given to the cloth under armor. Standing upon the remains of a slain golem this figures stands at 320mm (about 12.5") and releases Nov 30th, but preorders end on May 8th.

Continuing with the Saberfaces is the Bride from of Nero Saber. Based on her design from FATE/EXTRA CCC, this quite a beauty of figure and captures all the details of her bride costume, even with how it's unzipped as far down as it is. Despite the binding and in this case revealing nature of her cloth she still carries a confident expression. Plenty of detail can be found from the flowers in her headdress down to the creases in her boots. This figure stands at 220mm(about 8.6") and will be released on July 31st. However, pre-orders end soon on May 1st, so be quick. 
Next, we have another Saberface in Saber Lily, a younger version of the familiar Saber, Altria Pendragon. This particular figure is part of Good Smile's Figma line of posable figures. Making use of multiple, smooth joints you'll beable pose Saber Lily in a variety of ways to play out different scenes. Figma's sculpting is able to recreate a screen accurate recreate while still maintaining high articulation. She'll come with a smiling face, a yelling face, and a pouty face. She'll also come with several optional hand parts, her sword "Caliburn" and it's sheath, as well as the standard figma stand. This figma stand at 140mm (about 5.5") and will be released on Oct 31st. Pre-orders end on May 24th.

Now we have another Saberface (but is classed as a Rider), this one has fallen to the dark side yet manages to maintain some festive cheer. Altria Pendragon's corrupted Alter form looks to be in a Christmas mood seeing how she's wearing a black Santa's hat and cloak, and carrying a large sack of presents. The hat and cloak of this figure are removable and she comes with an alternate face plate. Along with the sack of presents she carries her corrupted Excalibur. The figure is 230mm (about 9") and will be released on October 31st but pre-orders end June 18th.
Now we're finally moving on from the Saberface character but not the Saber-class Servants just yet. Next, we have a Saber who's true name is Attila. Her figure's design is based off the beautiful artwork by huke of Black Rock Shooter fame. The figure manages to capture the subtle expression of her face as well as perfectly matching her brown skin tone. So much meticulous care was taken with this figure to perfectly match the huke's artwork. Her long veil is made of is even made of translucent plastic, and you can see the delicate details in her sword too. With her sword, this figure is 445mm (about 17.5") tall and will be released on April 30th, 2018! Pre-orders will come to an end on May 24th, 2017.

Attila will be getting another figure based on her Sweet Devil costume from Fate/Extella. While technically she is wearing more clothes, her sex appeal has certainly gone up! Still maintaining that brown skin of her but this time she has a more tempting expression. Replacing her white veil and clothes for a pair of black thigh-high boots, arm's length gloves, and a costume that leaves her back, and the middle of her chest and stomach exposed. It even comes with demon wings and a tail! A lot of details can be found in her new costumes with all the creases in the boots, and where her clothes wrap around her waist and back. This alluring figures stands at 260mm (about 10.2") and comes out on September 30th. Pre-orders will end on May 22nd.
The last two are a couple of the cutest Servants to be summoned! While this one may be of the Berserker-Class she's anything she looks completely different from any of the usual brutish looking Berserkers. As one of the Tamamo Nine, which came into existence after Tamamo no Mae cut off eight of her nine tails, this one attained the persona of a wild beast. While he has the similar clothes to the original Tamamo, hers are red in color with paw print designs on her obi (kimono sash). Not to mention she has large animal paws on her hands and feet, and wears a red color with a bell. She also still has that impressive figure! Will finely crafted figure stands at 200mm(about 7.8") and comes out at the end of January 2018. Pre-orders for this one end on June 7th.
Now we've saved the best for last (well the best one in my opinion anyways). From renowned figure makers at Kotobukiya comes this absolutely gorgeous figure of Lancer Tamamo no Mae! Dressed up for a day at the beach you just can't deny how good this figure is. The giant straw hat and the wet t-shirt she wears are both removable, revealing a cute bikini with a fox logo. Even why she carries the inner tube is super cute! Looking lower you'll find her high-heeled sandals decorated with starfish and even the base itself is made to look like a sandy beach. Of course, as it is beach-themed, her lance is a large beach umbrella. This particular figure is MUST HAVE for fans of Tamamo no Mae. With her umbrella lance the figure is 380mm (about 14.9") tall and will be released on October 31st. Pre-orders end on June 24th.
So there you have it, nine new powerful and beautiful new Servants to summon to take part in another Holy Grail war.

Who will you 
choose this time Master? 
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