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The Four Goddesses Return in an All New Fantasy Adventure Game Inside of a Game?

Four Goddesses Online Cyber Dimension Neptune
PlayStation®4 | Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: Feb 09, 2017

Another entry in Idea Factory's and Complie hearts' Hyperdimension Neptune series is on its way to the PS4 this coming Feburary. This time however, things are looking more fastasy than Sci-fi!

In the World of Gamindustri, made up of four regions, live four Goddesses who have saved their world numerous times. Now they have been tasked with a new challenge: To beta test the latest version of a popular online game called "Four Goddesses Online". (So it's a game inside a game?)

Heres an introduction to the main characters of the game:

  • Neptune - Modeled after the Sega Neptune, she's the goddess of Planeptune and the face of the series. An energetic and optimistic girl, she plays the role of a Holy Knight. Able to unleash physical and magical attacks, as well as heal, her character is very well-rounded (or maybe OP?). Voiced by Rie Tanaka.
  • Noire - Modeled after the PlayStation®3, she's the goddess of Lastation. Polite, hardworking, and a complete tsundere! A secret lover of cosplay, she's always researching clothes, even in-game. In the role of a Black Knight, dishing out powerful attacks at close range. Voiced by Asami Imai.
  • Blanc - Modeled after the Wii™, she's the goddesses of Lowee. A shy bookworm, this girl tends to bottle up her stress and angry, which can lead to violent results when she loses control, she now looks for new material for her next novel in-game. In the role of the Priest, she provides vital support to the party. Voiced by Kana Asumi.
  • Vert - Modeled after the Xbox™, she's the goddess of Leanbox. A quite and mature, with an older-sister type air to her. Under all that however, she is totally addicted to games and otaku goods. The only one among the goddesses without a younger sister, she tries to persuade any girl she likes to fill that role. As an Enchanter she provides buffs to her party as well as being able to heal and attack. Voiced by Rina Sato.
  • Bouquet - An NPC with AI the goddesses meet in-game. She's a diligent spirit who provides advise to the goddesses on their adventure. Also targeted by Vert to become her younger sister. Voiced by Aya Uchida.

As mentioned the four goddesses (aside from Vert) all have younger sisters who've also started playing the beta as well:

  • Nepgear - Neptune's younger sister with a near opposite personality, and a big mecha fan. Takes the role of a Magician for long ranges attacks. Voiced by Yui Horie.
  • Ram - Blanc's little sister and the younger of the pair of twins. A real prankster who uses her quick attack, mid-range Ninja Class attacks to break her enemies. Voice by Kaori Ishihara.
  • Rom - Blanc's other little sister and the older of the twins. A shy girl who expresses herself with noises rather than speak. Despite being shy, she's unrivaled in close quarters melee combat as a Warrior. Voice by Yui Ogura.
  • Uni - Noire's little sister who also happens to be a tsundere just like her. A military otaku, she get's along very well with Nepgear, even going on parts hunting together on weekends. As a Rogue she shoots up enemies with dual guns. Voiced by Eri Kitamura.
Over the course of the game, we'll see our heroines on a journey together, making friends , meeting their younger sisters, and of course saving the world from the demonic king who threatens it. Based in the city of Wishuel, the goddesses accept quests from the local Guild and the citizens of Arsgard to progress the game's story.

On the World Map we see what is call "Leanverde", the World Tree at the center of the land. The goddesses will travel in parties of four to explore the world, collect items, and defeat enemies to complete quests for the Guild.

There will be plenty of enemies and monsters our goddesses must defeat in order to advance. Even more powerful ones await them deep within dungeons. Once the goddesses have completed their quests, they turn them in to the Guild for their rewards. Certain quests will even increase the Guild's rank, which will open up more challenging quests.

The game has been confirmed to run on the Unreal Engine 4, and several special editions will also be available.

Fans of the series will surely enjoy this change of aesthetics provided by series designers Tsunako and Minamitsu. Even with the meta within a meta themes this game should appeal to those looking for a party based action RPG, especially if they like ones with cute anime girls! The game releases on Feb 09, 2017, and pre-orders are now available!! 

(Big thanks to Gematsu!)

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