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The great lizards and the little toys - Jurassic: The Hunted, Mikuru figma, One Coin Forest of Chiral, Petit Eva Trading, SRT Model Kit & more!

From the publisher: Jurassic Lost Island is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark, mysterious island that connects the modern world with the age of dinosaurs.

Take on the role of Craig Dylan, a weapons and survival expert, hired to protect a research team sent to study the strange temporal energy of the island and recover whatever is left of the expedition lost on the island 25 years ago.

Every minute is a fight for survival as Dylan must scavenge weapons, defend barricades, and battle titanic dinosaurs to return to his own time.

The great lizards are back, with bigger claws and sharper teeth, can you lead your hero from that jaws of these gigantic beasts? Jurassic The Hunted is available today on:

Jurassic: The HuntedUS N/A sold

Jurassic: The HuntedUS US$ 34.99 1-2w

Nintendo™ Wii
Jurassic: The HuntedUS N/A sold

Jurassic: The HuntedUS US$ 19.99 1-2w

Directed by Haruhi, starring Yuki as the villainous sorceress and Mikuru as the heroine is the sci-fi film Asahina Mikuru's Adventures.

In her pink super maid get-up, Mikuru joins her co-star Yuki on the figma wagon. With a combination of soft plastic parts and ball joints, Mikuru is here to complete the movie.

Just like Yuki's figure package, Mikuru comes with numerous parts, such as multiple face parts, different dresses and weapons. Now with both stars available, you can carry on filming.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Asahina Mikuru (Fighting Waitress Version)JPN N/A sold

The Forest of Chiral series feature all the SD versions of the fighters and charming men in Togainu no Chi and Sweet Pool. Absolutely cool and lethal in their regular forms, these people look extremely adorable when they are shortened and rounded with spiral swirls in their large eyes.

Although they are tiny, they are beautifully painted with all the details brought out in their hair and expressions. Get a couple of these tiny figures and switch their clothings and postures by exchanging head pieces. There two rare versions of Akira in loose shirts and a secret version. Try your luck and see who you get.

One Coin Grande Nitroplus Forest of Chiral Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold

Puchi Eva is another series under the deformeit title, cute and rounded, this figure series bring out the more relaxing and comedic elements from Evangelion. See characters enjoy their peaceful times. Dressed in school uniforms, maid costumes and casual clothes, you know that life in Neo Tokyo isn't about fighting all the time.

Everyone are featured in a school setting, this includes the Eva 01. He comes with an open book and is ready to study. Besides awe inspiring mechas, angels such as Israfael and Sakiel are packaged as accessories with certain characters. Enjoy both your favourite character and the mascots.

Petit EVA trading figures are available for:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Petit EVA-Gurashi Vol. 2 Non Scale Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold

Cyberster, like its name, is one of the most popular mechas in Super Robot Taisen OG. Although scaled to a 1/44 size, the robot is still as awe inspiring as ever, with its wings, extravagant shoulder guards, swords and talons scuplted to the most minute of details.

Display it in with the rest of your 1/44 scale SRT robots and take another step closer to the completion of the series. When you are tired of all the robots in its bipedal forms, change Cyberster into the Cyber Bird form.

The model kit for Cyber Star is available for:

Super Robot Taisen 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit: Cybaster (Kotobukiya Version)JPN N/A sold

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Nintendo Wii™
Ultimate Party ChallengeUS US$ 15.29 24h
Ultimate Party Challenge (Bundle)US N/A sold

Band HeroUS US$ 17.99 1-2w

Nintendo DS™
WireWayUS US$ 17.90 1-2w


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