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The Hunt Just Ranked Up!! Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo 3DS!!


Monster Hunter XX
Capcom | Nintendo 3DS™ | Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Release date: Mar 18, 2017

Monster Hunter XX (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)US$ 52.99 1-5d

Back on October 27th, Nintendo held a Monster Hunter focused Nintendo Direct and announced Monster Hunter XX (pronounced double cross) for Nintendo 3DS. Since then Capcom has released lots of news detailing the additional features that will be in this expanded version.

Several of the new features include:
  • Two new Hunting Styles - Monster Hunter X introduced the concept of "Hunting Styles". Namely Guild, Striker, Aerial, and Adept. MHXX will be introducing two new styles, the fast-paced and aggressive Brave Style, and the supportive Alchemy Style.
  • New Hunting Techniques - All 14 weapons types will all receive new techniques. No further information as of the moment.
  • Enhanced Prowler Mode - Prowler actions have been improved with better dodging and jumping actions. A new "Beast" type Prowler will also be available in MHXX, which focuses on rapid combo-based melee attacks.
  • New Fields - Several new fields will be added to the game for further variety in hunting locations. These will include a desert, mountain peak, and more.
  • New Base -The Ryuushiki ship will serve as your base of operations in MHXX. The ship will have the features of both a ship and village combined as well as having the option to take on G-Rank quests.
  • New Main Monsters - The flagship monsters have been increased from four to six, and the new additions will be apart of the main story. The new monsters are the Ouma Diablos, a seemingly more terrifying and powerful Diablos variant, and a completely new monster in the Balfark, an ancient dragon-type monster with wings that resemble rockets.
Details of both Brave and Alchemy style have since been released and both look to be very interesting. 

Brave Style is fast-paced, aggressive style focusing on rapid attacks. While only one hunter art can be equipped, the style will have a "Brave Gauge" that fills as you parry attacks. When full you'll be able to activate Brave State, in while you'll be able to unleash more powerful attacks and techniques. Your evasiveness and speed will increase with some of the weapons, and you'll want to use this to rapidly attack the monster to keep the Brave Gauge from depleting. You can see how each weapon type handles in Brave Style here.

Alchemy Style is an unusual style that focuses on support. In this style, you'll carry around a special barrel that you shake to create special items. The longer you shake it the better the results. The possible items that can be created with this style will include more effective food, special whetstones, buffs that increase the rate hunter art gauges fill, earplugs, item doubling, a bazooka, and more!

Another new addition in MHXX is "SP Mode" or "Style Power-up Mode". This mode will give you and your party a buff when activated, and the buff differs depending on hunting style and weapon type. To trigger SP Mode you'll need to set one of your Hunting Arts as the method of activation, Alchemy Style can set up to three Hunter Arts as SP Mode triggers. When you active the designated Hunter Art, SP Mode will be triggered and any party member nearby will go into SP Mode as well. This new features will surely give you an edge when taking on high-ranking hunts.

Monster Hunter XX will be released in Japan on Mar 18, 2017. No news of a western release yet.

(Big Thanks to Gematsu)

Monster Hunter XX (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)US$ 52.99 1-5d

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