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The Legend continues…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Switch, WiiU | Genre: DLC Pack 1
Release Date: June 30, 2017 | Price: US$19.99 / JP¥2500

Hyrule is so much more than a land full of wonders, it’s a way of life. In here you can find a perfect fusion of energy, adventures, hidden treasures, relaxation, and much more. Rough and smooth, old and new, wet and dry, casual and refined. This magical land literally changes color from day to night, in here you can have an experience that cannot easily be summarized into a few words.

In order to let get you the real feel of Hyrule, on June 30th Nintendo will release the massive “Master Trials - DLC Pack 1”, whereby you may travel even across its most hidden corners. For only US$19.99 or JP¥2500 you can have an extraordinary new, and worry-free gaming experience that will be kept in your memories for a very long time.

Here below you’ll find all the details, and the activities included in this fantastic package:

Do you feel a real hero? Well, in this case you should test your might with “Trial of the Sword”. Our guide will bring you to the most renowned sacred location of Hyrule where you’ll must fight several waves of threating creatures, once you’ve defeated all of them the full power of the Master Sword will be yours forever. In addition, if you want a real challenge try the “Hard Mode” feature. With this one all the enemies will be powered up, and you’ll be forced to unleash all of your power to defeat them, and survive. Do you feel strong enough?

You know, Hyrule is a vast and wide land, and if you want to try the best sightseeing service in there the “Hero Path Mode” service is the best for you. Our motto is “Your time belongs to you only”, so use this new time-saving feature to know where you’ve spent the most time, and which locations must be explored yet.

Do you need a fastest transfer service? No problem, with the travel medallion you can reach a certain location in no-time using the “Travel Medallion”. Use it, and you can travel across the whole land safely. Do you need to reach that dungeon to open the last chest, go in a certain village to purchase the latest forged sword, or simply you want to relax in that small lodge near the mountains? No problem, use it to go anywhere, anytime!

Last but not least, if you feel lucky, you should discover all the 9 treasure chests hidden in Hyrule. Inside them, you may find some nostalgic retro-armors inspired by the previous adventures of Link, or if you’re ultra-lucky you could find the mystical “Korok Mask”. Wear it to see where the 900 Forest Spirits are…

With its vast arrays of exciting activities, the “Master Trials - DLC Pack 1” can provides an enriching adventurous experience. Book it now using the safe, and convenient Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards.
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