The Legend Of Heroes Hajimari No Kiseki Original Soundtrack

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  • 3 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
1.NO END NO WORLD -Opening Size-
2.Hankō no Rōen
3.The Destination of FATE
4.Zero Break Battle
5.Hidamari ni Tadaima wo
6.Long Awaited -Irregular Ver.-
7.Crossbell Nostalgia
8.Koyoi wa Utage to Mairimashō
9.Section G.F.S.Ⅱ
10. Aim A Gun at the Bullet
11.Right on The Mark
12.Reimei no Kane
13.Akumu Futatabi
14.Sword of Swords
15.Mysterious Element
16.Flash Your Fighting Spirit
18.Bōshitsuwareta Tamashii
19.Stand Up Again and Again!
20.Hitotoki no Nukumori
21.Like a Whirlwind
22.Remedy Fantasia -Nakama to Tomo ni-
23.Crossing Causal Lines
24.Hajimari no Eniwa
25.Glittering Mirage
26.Infinity Rage
27.Wind-Up Yesterday!
28.Purgatory Scream

Disc 2
1.Hajimari no Daichi ni Ikiru-mono
2.Stake Everything Strategy
3.Ryūrei Tōgo
4.Nibiiro ni Hau
5.Be Caught Up!
6.Breeding Innumerable Arms
7.Pyro Labyrinth
8.Kage no Miezaru Te
9.Raindrops With The Wind
10.Tsumi to Batsu to Itsuwari to
11.Slight Suspicion
12.Kodama no Michi -Hajimari Ver.-
13.Hide And Seek By Myself
14.Kōzan-machi Mainz -Hajimari Ver.-
15.Kuraki-gane no Zankyō
16.Gekiretsu! Gekimetsu! Mischneider!!
17.Maliciousness in The Mirror
18.NO END NO WORLD -Instrumental Ver.-
19.Zero no Kaikō
20.Sazameki no Toro
21.Twilight Hermitage
22.Heavy Violent Match
23.Ima, Hajimari no Toki
24.Invisible Hilly Country
25.Emergency Order
26.Golden Fever
27.POM's Paradise
28.Bad Dream Invasion

Disc 3
1.Antantaru Sekai
2.The Road to All-Out War
3.Hitokakera no Kōmei
4.KERAUNOS-Fear and Hatred-
5.Unmei to Iu Na no Haguruma
6.Reverse Babel
7.The Perfect Steel of ZERO
8.Yasashisa wo Mirai ni Takushite
9.Life Goes On
10.Takaraka ni, Hokorashiku
11.Kiseki no Tabiji
12.Kōtetsu Gajō
13.Odayakana Jikan
14.Something Luxury…?
15.Challenger Invigorated
16.Kono ato Oishiku Itadakimashita
17.Namima ni Hazumu Kokoro
18.Twinkle Attack
19.Rapid Wind
20.Magical Revolt
21.Roar of Evil Spirits
22.Mugen no Anata e
23.Long Awaited
24.NO END NO WORLD –Less Vocal Ver.-

Item Description

From the PlayStation 4 version story RPG The Legend of Heroes: Sou no Kiseki" released on August 27, 2020, the long-awaited original soundtrack has arrived. Includes songs used in the game, including the event song "LAPIS" that colors the entire work. Furthermore, as a bonus track, a total of 81 songs including the full version / Less Vocal version of the theme song "NO END NO WORLD" and the full version of the introductory ending song "Long Awaited", a 3-disc soundtrack over 200 minutes!

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Royal game soundtrack
Persona games continue with their style of soundtrack that helps give the game its identity. Great addition for the fans of the series.
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An all time classic for a reason!
Technically and artistically superb. Amazing!
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The Splatoon 2 soundtrack is simply amazing. The CD included a guitar pick with a squid in it too, which is really cute. Worth the money 100%
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Best purchase of my life
This CD has been one of my dream Splatoon merch for a long time, and i have no regrets. The tracks are so good and the cover art is my absolute favorite!!
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Love Splatoon music!!!!
Love the music in this series. I wish I knew these exist sooner.
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