The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III Complete Guide

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Fully support until ending with a complete capture chart.The only capture book that covers various data is on sale!
In addition to the four-frame comics by Daisuke Shinkubo, as a bonus, the product code for Yuna Altina Musee 'Swimming Swimsuit for Teachers'!

■ System Commentary
Explain carefully the basic knowledge that is useful for playing the game, such as the structure of AT battle and the mechanism of the battle game, the calculation method of the damage value, and the flow in which the hit and avoidance are judged!
■ Story capture
Do not miss the elements of the book collection and landscape shooting, posted a complete capture chart to meet the ending!
■Consolidate the information you want to know, such as the status of the characters participating in thedataparty, the performance of any item, the appearance of the costume including DLC, and the detailed behavior patterns of the enemy!
■ Extra
analysis of the characteristics of the students who attend a second branch school and the inside of the room where they live!In addition, four scenes drawn by Dr. Daisuke Shinkubo are also specially recorded!

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※ Even if you purchase multiple copies of this product code, you will only receive benefit items once per account.
※ This product code may not be available outside Japan.
※ The game software itself (packaged version or download version) is required to obtain this benefit.

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