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手執兇手確認的七名嫌疑犯名單,Patrick Jane以及CBI隊伍要調查茫無頭緒的連環凶殺案之餘,亦同時要解決加州最棘手的案件。究竟Red John的真正身份是誰? 邪教教主? 可怕的法醫分析員? 可疑的國家安全專員?還是四名執法官的其中一人— CBI隊伍的終極領袖?而今次謀殺Patrick Jane一家的兇手身份亦會曝光,不過此非故事的結束!CBI隊伍面臨解散,Jane, Lisbon及其拍檔卻要繼續解決浪接浪的謎團,當中包括前CBI成員被襲一案。一切搜捕行動將於全新第六輯、共22集的劇情展開!

Armed with a list of seven suspects confirmed by the killer himself, Patrick Jane and the CBI team are closing in on the elusive serial killer while continuing to solve California's most puzzling crimes. Could Red John be a cult leader? A ghoulish forensic analyst? A super-suspicious Homeland Security Agent? Or one of four law officials, including the director of the CBI himself? The identity of the man who killed Patrick Jane's family is finally revealed in a climactic showdown - but that's not the end of the story! When the CBI is shuttered, Jane, Lisbon and the team partner with the FBI to tackle a whole new slew of mysteries...including vicious attacks on former CBI members. The manhunt is on in all 22 diabolically delightful Season Six episodes!

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