13. Apr, 2016 15:58 (HKT)

The Monkey King is out! On Blu-ray and DVD

Calling in the Year of the Monkey is the second part of director Soi Cheang Pou-Soi's take on the Monkey King.
Hong Kong Blu-ray and DVD out now!


The story of the Monkey King is a classic of Chinese folklore and part of Wu Cheng'en's novel Journey to the West. It actually centers on the story of the pious monk Xuanzang, who accidentally releases him from his prison in the Mountain of Five Elements where Buddha put him for his delinquency.

From there on, Sun Wukong (that's the Monkey King's legal name) is forced to help said monk on his pilgrimage to India to obtain a holy sutra. Aided by the pig demon Zhu Bajie and the sand demon Sha Wujing, they have to protect their master from demons who are after the holy man's hide.

This sequel focuses on one such attack from the White Bone Demon, played by the wonderful Gong Li, who wants to renew her soon-to-expire demonhood by eating Xuanzang's flesh.

And because he is an abstinent monk and she is Gong Li, she's trying to tempt that flesh and manipulate him into alienating his friends and giving up his vows (see Chapter 27 of the original text called “Three Attacks on the White Bone Demon”, which is also the film’s Chinese title and NOT the title of an adult movie).

If you are looking for other movies by director Soi Cheang Pou-Soi but prefer more breakneck martial arts instead of fantasy, you should definitely check out the amazing SPL 2 with "the-face-of-Muay-Thai" Tony Jaa!
The Monkey King 2 (HK) US$ 16.99 2-4d
The Monkey King 2 (Limited Edition) (HK) US$ 18.99 1w
The Monkey King 2 (HK) US$ 26.99 1-5d
The Monkey King 2 [3D] (HK) US$ 28.99 2-4d
The Monkey King 2 [3D+2D] (Limited Edition) (HK) US$ 33.99 1w

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