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The pen is truly mightier than the sword - Scribblenauts, SuperCar Challenge, Heroes Over Europe & more!

From the publisher: The premise is simple: The player uses the touch-screen to help their character, Maxwell, acquire the star in each level by solving a series of puzzles.

The twist is, in order to solve each puzzle the players use the notepad to write down objects that are used to reach the goal.

This game is all about experimentation, imagination and endless replay value. Think of any person, place or thing, write it down, and watch it come alive! Write Anything, Solve Everything!

Scribble any noun into the notepad and it will come to life, create your monster, your sword and your damsel in distress. Complete quests with the help of your scribblenaut ability and unlock new levels and environments. This is a game suitable for the whole family.

Scribblenauts is available for Nintendo DS™ for:

ScribblenautsUS US$ 19.99 1-2w

Need some help with puzzle solving? Get the guide book:

Scribblenauts: Prima Official GuideUS N/A sold

From the publisher: Need for Speed™ SHIFT is an all-new simulation racing IP that combines the true driver’s experience with real-world physics, pixel-perfect car models, and a wide range of authentic race tracks.

Need for Speed SHIFT takes players in a different direction to create a simulation experience that replicates the true feeling of driving high-end performance cars.

Players are thrust into the loud, visceral, intense, athletic experience of racing a car on the edge of control from the driver’s perspective through the combination of perception based G-forces, the hyper reality of the cockpit view, and the brutal experience of a first person crash dynamic.

Need for Speed SHIFT features an accurate, accessible physics-based driving model that allows you to feel every impact, every change of track surface and every last bit of grip as you push yourself to the edge.

Need for Speed: Shift is available on several platforms:

Need for Speed ShiftJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Need for Speed ShiftASIA N/A sold
Need for Speed: ShiftUS N/A sold

Need for Speed ShiftJPN N/A sold
Need for Speed ShiftASIA N/A sold
Need for Speed: ShiftUS N/A sold

Sony PSP™
Need for Speed: ShiftASIA US$ 42.90 5-15d
Need for Speed: ShiftJPN N/A sold
Need for Speed: ShiftUS US$ 44.90 5-15d

PC Game
Need for Speed: Shift (DVD-ROM)US US$ 54.90 5-15d

The Japanese versions will be coming in November while the US versions will be coming any minute now.

From the publisher: SuperCar Challenge for the PlayStation 3 is a high-octane racing game featuring both arcade and simulation tarmac thrills!

Building on the critically acclaimed Ferrari Challenge racing simulation engine, SuperCar Challenge heralds the addition of the sexiest supercars on the planet while improving on its spiritual prequel in every way.

Over 40 cars will be available to throw around the most celebrated corners on the racing calendar. Experience the thrills and spills that come with harnessing the full grunt of an Aston Martin DB9, the Ferrari FXX, the McLaren F1 and many more!

More than 20 tracks will also be available, with old favourites such as Silverstone and Spa mixed in with the joys of Nürburgring and the fictitious charms of Riviera!

Realistic and exciting, the SuperCar Challenge is available for PlayStation3™:

SuperCar ChallengeASIA N/A sold

Also in stock today:

Heroes Over EuropeUS N/A sold
NHL 2K10US US$ 58.99 1-2w

Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsASIA N/A sold
Heroes Over EuropeASIA US$ 59.90 5-15d
Heroes Over EuropeUS N/A sold
NHL 2K10US US$ 33.90 1-2w

Nintendo Wii™
Wii MotionPlus (Black)JPN N/A sold

NHL 2K10US US$ 24.90 5-15d

PC Game
Batman: Arkham Asylum (DVD-ROM)US N/A sold


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