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The Private Life of A Masterpiece 3

DVD Region 3
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Behind the beautiful canvases and sculptures lie tales of political revolution, wartime escapes, massive ego clashes, financial wrangling and attacks with acid and knives. In this fascinating series, the truth behind seminal works of art is revealed; illuminating little-known facts and uncovering surprising revelations such as: Leonardo is jealousy of Michelangelo is David led him to try and get it displayed in the most inconspicuous place as possible; Rodin is The Kiss depicts a woman seducing a man, an extremely brave portrayal for the time; and scrawled by an unknown hand in an upper corner of The Scream is can only have been painted by a madman. Tracing each work of art from its genesis to its reception , to who bought it, who sold it and even who attacked it, The Private Life of a Masterpiece is guaranteed to enthral.

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